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Spencer Karlson The 18 Year Old 6 Figure Entrepreneur Who Founded World Wave Media

Spencer Karlson The 18 Year Old 6 Figure Entrepreneur Who Founded World Wave Media

I discovered my love for and curiosity about online business when I was thirteen years old through YouTube. Working hard and making much money at a young age was fantastic. But I was only 13 years old and couldn’t do much.

My first business was an Instagram meme page. I started it when I was 14. This account was active for 8 months. I gained a few thousand followers, but it took a lot of work to make these accounts profitable. I quit and took a break from online business ventures for a while.


At 16, the Covid pandemic struck, and I decided to create my own business: Hoopers Highlights. My business model was selling basketball edits featuring music artists, and I posted the content 9 times daily. My account had 30,000+ followers in August 2020. I received millions of views every week through hard work and consistency. In March 2021, after a full year of operation, I earned approximately $2,000 per month selling features. My Instagram business was a huge success, but it was just the beginning of my online journey. I knew I had to scale.

I slowly spent as much time on my Instagram business and started to focus on a new business with a much higher upside and scalability. I took my video editing experience and advertising/ marketing skills. I learned selling features and started a Media company. I called it World Wave Media. I started selling video editing and marketing services through my website, gained a few clients, and made about $4,000/month in revenue. At first, it was slow, but after I implemented paid ads on Google and Tik Tok, my revenue began to grow faster and faster. By August of 2022, I had grown a client base of 12-13 pretty decent-sized companies, and my monthly revenue for August was $8,650. Pretty decent for some kid who started out posting memes on Instagram. I am excited to see where World Wave Media Goes In the future!



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