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When is the Time to Contact a Car Accident Attorney?


A car accident attorney is a legal professional who has practiced and studied this branch of law. Many people get confused about hiring him because they believe that they can handle the case themselves in the most efficient manner. On the contrary, they will hurt their case and lose to another party in no time. It has also been observed that people hire an attorney when they get their claim refused or lowered from the insurance company. If they had contacted a Queens car accident attorney right from the start, you could have received their compensation.

After the accident 

If your car has been damaged and you have received severe injuries on different parts of your body, look no further and call a car accident lawyer. You can also ask one of your close ones to contact an attorney who can guide you on the subsequent steps afterward. Moreover, the negligent party also hires an attorney to prepare the case. If you want to avoid tough situations and questions from an aggressive lawyer, you should always hire the best one in the town.

After getting the claim refused

As stated above, most people tend to hire an attorney after their claim has been denied or significantly refused by their insurance companies. In this case, they want the lawyer to handle the insurance company and respond to their refusal. However, if these people contact a lawyer before filing a claim with the insurance company, they have better chances of getting the claim approved because having an attorney on your side strengthens your case.

Making a statement at the police station 

After the accident, the police come into action. If they have taken you to the police station, you should call an attorney and give any statement in his presence. If you speak out anything before he comes, it can be used against you and you can be held responsible for the accident. Besides that, you may lose your case to another party and receive no compensation at all.

Insurance companies are bothering you

You might receive several calls from insurance companies so that they can record what you say and use it to lower the compensation. It is suggested to hire a lawyer and you can ask these companies to speak to the attorney on your behalf. They will stop calling you.

A car accident lawyer can reduce your mental stress and financial burden to a great extent. 


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