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What Is The Role Of Your Long Term Disability Claim Lawyer?


When a long-term disability hinders your ability to work, managing your finances and expenses becomes a challenge with the loss of income. People choose to seek long term disability benefits through ERISA, or a private insurance company policy that they purchased. However, many of them end up with a denied claim because of the incorrect steps they take during the application process. 

If you have a medical condition or combination of conditions that qualify for LTD, it is in your best interest to consult a disability claims lawyer. They work dedicatedly to help you receive total and fair benefits. 

How does your lawyer help?

  • Personalized advice. 

There is a wide range of physical, psychological, and medical conditions that make a person eligible to claim benefits. Your lawyer reviews the terms of your chosen policy and helps you understand whether your condition qualifies you to seek disability benefits. They also enable you to understand and protect your legal rights while providing advice after understanding your unique situation. 

  • Gathering medical evidence. 

Medical evidence is crucial for the success of your disability claim. An experienced lawyer is aware of the evidence required and helps you document them properly to prevent the risk of a delayed or denied claim. The medical records should demonstrate the full extent and impact of your disability. It should also include the opinions of your physician regarding the effect of your disability and the limitations it causes you. 

  • Establishing the link between the condition and impairments. 

Often, people cannot claim benefits despite having a medical condition that qualifies for disability benefits. They must have a certain physical or psychological impairment that prevents them from returning to work that is caused because of their medical condition. However, many fail to establish this connection with sufficient evidence and legal argument, because of which insurance companies refuse their claim. 

  • Help you understand limited coverage. 

For certain conditions, several policies have limited pay periods of only a few years. Before starting the process to claim benefits, you must be aware of the limitations of your insurance policy. Your lawyer helps you understand the impact of the policy on your future and provides you with all the necessary information you need to proceed in the most efficient way. 

The process of claiming long-term disability benefits is complicated and exhausting. The guidance of a qualified legal advocate on your side can benefit you significantly and make the process easier for you. 


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