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Product Name: Internet Income University Overall Ranking: 40/100 Price: Free if you complete a trial...

Product Name: Internet Income University

Overall Ranking: 40/100
Price: Free if you complete a trial pay offer $30 if you don’t. Along with a bunch of upsells.

Owners: Kevin and Darin Blue

What is Internet Income University?

It’s a site that guarantees to give you the instruments and preparing expected to deliver a work from home pay utilizing affiliate marketing. But is Internet Income University a scam?

At Internet Income University, owners Kevin and Darin set your site up for you. You just need to enroll your area name and buy hosting for your site, and they promise to have your site up and running in one day.

Internet Income University is not, by any methods, a “university”. This is actually a misleading way to attract people, at best. In this survey, I will demonstrate to you why, generally, this system isn’t for a great many people and is one that ought to be avoided.


The training videos are somewhat comprehensible, People can learn about basic SEO from those videos.


Must use only their hosting, The free website is full of their advertisements, People do not have control over this advertisement, Training modules are filled with up-sells, Professional coaching requires a monthly payment, it is not free, SEO is exclusively done by them and again, require a payment, Numerous negative reviews, and complaints about the program, All their free options are useless.

Who Can Benefit From This Program?

This project is for any individual who might need to begin a business where everything is already done, including bringing the deals to a close.

What you basically get, is a closed business sort which involves a treat cutter site. Without paying out additional money for this, the normal individual does not recognize what to do with their websites other than adding content, change hues, and so on.

On the off chance that you have the additional cash to “contribute” in your business thusly, this project may be for you. However, there are different projects on the internet that do not force such budget plans on its individuals.

Are There Training and Tools Provided?

There are no training instruments at all in the free participation. Indeed, there is nothing at all valuable in it – with the exception of you can get into the forum to see what is there. Other than access to the community forum, (no posting privileges) the free enrollment is just a progression of up-sells.

What about the paid membership?

Their main content is based on the F.A.S.T. (Fast Website Setup, Affiliate Income Streams, Scalable Advertising, Training, and Support) income plan.

Fast Website Setup

They will provide you with a site, for $20 a month with facilitating exclusively offered by them, which is costly for hosting and the destinations are essential WordPress sites with preloaded content and advertisements. To fit the bill for the “free” site setup, you should buy a domain and host it through them. The connection to their hosting is said, not once or twice but rather 10 times on that page.

Affiliate Income Streams

Alright so that is perhaps not all that terrible, shouldn’t something be said about how you can profit? Well, they propose that you advance 1 or more of their 5 affiliate programs.

That as well as keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to advance these items you need to pay to begin with, you need to pay a charge or purchase/subscribe to the item:

IIU: this one is free.

Their hosting service: a $14.95 one off expense to have the capacity to advance this.

Keyword tool: $97 to get this and have the capacity to advance it.

Personal development plan: a staggering $177 up-sell.

In this way, you have paid to become a member somehow, paid too much for a site, and now paid to have the capacity to advance their products.

Scalable Advertising

This step has to inspire you to spend more cash on SEO administrations to enhance your sites positioning: $97, $296 or $497 “Simple” installments a month.

When you start web advertising, in addition to the fact that you should not be burning through cash on this, you should have the possibility to learn the basics. Perhaps later you can outsource the entire SEO part, however not at first and what this infers is that SEO is important to succeed.

Training & Support

They do not provide other information, except the fact there is a community of the program.

Are Members Offered Support?

There is a forum for members, broken down into various ranges to give you bolster from the owners. I would not expect a reaction from them no time soon, on the off chance that you post an inquiry there or request help.


As I said before on the off chance that you finish an offer from trial pay, then you can get to the members area without paying. It is $30 generally and after you get inside it appears like each progression of the procedure you are required to pay.

a domain with hosting is $20/ month promote their hosting plan on your website for $14.95 promote their keyword tool for $97 personal development plans for $177 weight loss program for $49/ month benefits from their SEO services for $97

So is Internet Income University a scam?

In fact, this program is a scam. There are far superior projects and preparing groups that do not force the utilization of MLM-like business model. And this is my honest opinion about what is Internet Income University.

My first choice is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is favored by almost any individual who discovers it. In the event that you are enrolled in Internet Income University, I welcome you to examine the differences. On the off chance that you are anticipating joining Internet Income University, I recommend you not to consider this project.


Thanks for reading if you have any questions just post below & I will be more than happy to answer you.



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