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What are the Most Common Types of Injuries Caused by Car Accidents in Beaverton?

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In the last few years, Beaverton has been ranked among one of the worst cities for car accidents in the country. Moreover, in fact, Oregon ranks 9th highest in terms of fatalities from car accidents. Therefore, it’s no wonder that most people have experienced an injury at some point in their life. It is imperative to be aware of these common types of injuries so they can be treated effectively and quickly. In addition, you should also know that after being injured in a car accident in Beaverton, you can seek the help of a car accident attorney in Beaverton, OR, to get deserving compensation for your injuries and other expenses.

For now, we will see into most common injuries caused by car accidents in Beaverton.

  • Bruises and cuts

Many different types of injuries can occur in car accidents. One type of injury is a cut or bruise caused by an object in the car. These cuts and bruises are very common and can happen because of items like seatbelts, airbags, or shattered glass. The severity of these injuries can vary, but luckily, they will heal with no medical treatment necessary for most people.

  • Fractures

Fractures are the most common injury seen in car accidents, but these can happen in many ways. Some occur when an individual is thrown from the vehicle and may hit the ground, while others are caused by cars impacting with each other. The force of impact can cause bones to break inside if they strike against hard objects.

  • Brain and spinal cord injuries

In Beaverton, Oregon, motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of severe brain and spinal cord injuries. Injuries to these sensitive areas can result in lifelong disabilities, paralysis, and other life-altering complications. Unfortunately, the intensity of these injuries often prevents victims from exhibiting any outward signs that they have been hurt. It is not until they begin feeling weakness or numbness that they realize something has happened.

  • Facial disfigurement

The devastating effects of a car accident become more than just physical and aesthetic, but also psychological. When the physical damage is so severe that it causes disfigurement and facial reconstruction becomes necessary, patients can often feel self-conscious about their appearance. This can lead to depression due to fear of rejection from society and the inability to return to work.


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