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What are Different Types of Car Accidents Prevalent in Kent?

Car accidents

Car accidents are one of the most common and serious types of personal injury that can be sustained in this day and age. Different types of car accidents are reported every day in Kent.  These accidents cause both minor and major injuries, some accidents even are fatal in nature. Since the damages caused by a car accident can be significant, it is essential to consult a car accident lawyer in Kent when you are involved in a car accident.

In order to minimize the risk of experiencing a car accident, it is important to first know what different types exist so that you can better prepare yourself for potential hazards on the road. So, here we are listing out different types of car accidents that are prevalent in Kent.

  • Head-on collisions

A head-on collision is the most common type of car accident in Kent. A vehicle traveling in the opposite direction will be approaching each other head-on, when a driver decides to swerve suddenly and hit on another’s side of the road, it is called a head-on collision. In this type of accident, there usually are no injuries but both vehicles are badly damaged. The only way to recover from a head-on collision is by filing an insurance claim to repair the damages.

  • Rear-end collisions

A rear-end collision typically occurs when a car is traveling in the same direction as other vehicles on a road and then suddenly brakes to avoid colliding with an object in front of them, in this case, the car behind it is unable to stop on time and as a result hits into the rear of the vehicle in front. The main cause behind most of such accidents is speeding up before coming to a complete stop.  

  • Side-swipe collisions

When one vehicle crosses over and cuts off another vehicle, especially when an unsafe lane change is made by either driver, this will result in a side-swipe collision. This type of collision may not occur at high speed but can cause serious injuries which include broken bones and other serious bodily injuries.

  • T-bone collisions

In a T-bone collision, one car hits the other car’s driver’s side. A t-bone collision is also called a broadside collision. This type of accident usually occurs when a driver suddenly changes their lane of direction and hit another vehicle head-on. The injuries in t-bone collisions are more likely to be severe than in other types of car accidents.


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