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Things that will help you trade the iron condor strategy successfully – visio financial

The Iron Condor trading Strategy has turned out to be much popular has it is a good way of growing your account by 10% or much more per month. This is a good strategy that do not require extensive and complicated technical analysis, nor will you be in front of the computer for many hours. At the same time, it is not a ‘set and forget’ strategy. You will need to pay attention, because even though it is not nearly as risky as simply buying options, it does have a higher risk-reward ratio than other popular strategies, like credit spread trading. So, here are some important things that you need to do and they will help you to be successful when dealing with Iron Condor.

1. Think like a credit spread trader

Even though most brokers (especially online ones) will allow you to reduce commission costs by trading an iron condor as one trade, you will do best by thinking of the process as if you were selling two credit spreads on the same stock. This means more profit than straight credit spread trading, but also place some limits on your trade. The magic of credit spread trading is that as time decay kicks in, the options that you have sold become valueless, and so as long as your trade is within the boundaries, you be required to do nothing to make a profit.

2. Trade the Indexes

Indexes are much slower moving than individual stocks, and have fewer sudden jumps or gaps. SPY, DIA and RUT are perfect targets for iron condor, because their movements are a conglomeration of all the gyrations of their member stocks, and so provide a significantly more stable base for trading.

3. Beware of trends

Iron condors work best with non trending stocks. Place your trade on a stock or index that does not have a clear trend, or a very weak trend, as measured by the ADX indicator or Wilder’s DMI.

4. Be ready to make adjustments

Factors like profit announcements, industry announcements or market impacting news can cause the underlying index to take a relatively sudden jump. This is where it is so important to think in terms of two credits spread trades. If there is a gap, then one side of the condor will quickly behave like a credit spread that has lost all its value, thereby locking in your profit. The other spread (in the direction of the jump) will rapidly increase in cost, and so undercutting the profit you made from selling the options. There are several important adjustments that you can apply to your trade to not only save your profit but increase it.


Although this Iron Condor plan is not very complicated, there are several factors that make it both more flexible and at the same time provide more opportunity for things to go wrong if you don’t know about them. This is why its good to study the strategy thoroughly before trading, make sure you understand all the parameters, and paper trade for a few months before committing real money to the trade.

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Importance of Portfolio Management for Financial Planning – visio financial

Portfolio management is the process of managing and scheduling businesses and other establishments in order to attain maximum profit. The optimal management of portfolio ensures proper use of people, money, and other resources. To be clear and more specific portfolio management is an art of optimizing assets and raising the worth of a portfolio.

Portfolio management provides a deep understanding of cost, risk, and capabilities of an organization and also helps in the financial planning of the business. The portfolio management is one of the best processes for making planned decisions. It is an effective to ensure the growth and establishment of the organization. The portfolios management is mainly of two types that is enterprise portfolio management and Project portfolio management. Enterprise portfolio is used for the selection of investments as per the needs of the business. Project Portfolio Management is structured method to make a planned decision about the portfolios.

Portfolio management is a pivotal tool for maintaining finances and making decisions with proper planning and determination of the costs. This also helps in managing group investments in multiple categories that is mutual funds, bonds, blue-chip stocks etc. An effective portfolio management promotes the growth of organizations and enables you to get free financial planning services for the future business establishments and investments.

Portfolio management also organizes the necessary resources and increases the production of the company which boosts the revenue.  Allocation of assets is an important part of portfolio management planning which decides the proportion of portfolio to be invested. There is a lot of professional portfolio programs available for individuals, organization and institutional investors. These help their client various methods and easy steps to make their investment properly with a valuable investment planning.

    Best investment Strategy: Portfolio management is the best way of investment and also help in selecting the best strategy of investment. It also focuses on areas like age, risk, income, budgets etc.

    Risk minimization: it also helps to reduce the risk and help in strategizing all the factors easily.

    Proper control over financial assets: Another benefit of portfolio management is to have a control over the money. This will result in spreading its business investment in diverse markets or stock, which in turn decreases the risks of poor returns and increase the profit.

    Success is ensured: No matter if the market goes up or down portfolio management enables success every time. The reason behind this success is a proper study and monitoring of market trends which will give the power to make calculated risk free decisions.

    Leads to the stability of organization: In order to main your profits and remain stable with the changing time portfolio management is very important. We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees and a sudden impulsive decision can make all your efforts vain so it’s very important to choose a perfect financial advisor and services which makes your path filled with solid plans, clear objectives, and achievable goals. Financial professionals have in-depth knowledge of cash management, as well as government regulations and restrictions which will make you stand with full of confidence in the market against your competitors.

Financial planning is very important in every stage of your life. Therefore it is essential to select best financial services and techniques which help you to make your investment properly and in an organized form.

A Finstem financial service is the leading financial service provider that deals with your finances and expenses in an efficient manner.

Portfolio management is the process of managing and scheduling businesses and other establishments in order to attain maximum profit.


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