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Useful Apex Legends Tips to Become a Better Predator

become a better predator

Who wouldn’t want to be an Apex Legend predator? So many players long for that title and even work very hard to attain it. But it’s not always easy to reach there and even do better as a predator. You need to be a professional Apex Legend player who understands the game mechanics and has mastered everything about it. 

It might seem difficult, but some people have reached that level too. So, we aim to help you with some tips to become a better predator. While you assimilate these tips, also visit to grab the relevant tools you need to play better. With that said, let’s explore the strategies you need as a Predators. 

How to become a better predator 

  • Strategize your Momentum 

The class you’re playing in Apex Legend will determine the speed you can run in the game. But you can utilize momentum to move better. So, one thing to do is preserve it by using Tap—Strafe & Slide Jump. 

Both methods of movement can help you a lot as a Predator. You can slide whenever you find a suitable terrain to support it. If you can jump after sliding, you’ll move forward even faster. So, try to slide jump in the game as it is very fast.

 Also, Tap Strafing is available in Apex Legend, and you can utilize it too. This movement style helps players to maneuver quickly when they want to change their direction. So, combine both movement styles to your advantage. 

  • Target a result-oriented weapon

Apex Legends has a plethora of weapons you can use but not all deliver the expected result. That’s why you must be careful when choosing your weapons. For instance, machine guns are great for headshots because they’re good for precision aim. But when you want to achieve the best results every time you aim and shoot, go for the L-Star. 

This weapon is great for headshots and deals brutal damage with its large bullets. The gun’s recoil movement can indeed be erratic. But it usually brings a target down, especially in close-range confrontations. 

  • Protect your shield from depleting 

Here is another important tip for Apex Legends Predators. Always keep up with your health is usually the first piece of advice for video game players. But when it comes to the Legends, don’t focus only on health but also your shield. Pro players recommend paying more attention to shields than health. 

Protecting your shield will ensure that you don’t face the effect of the aim punch. This effect comes to players when their shield depletes. It makes your crosshair move without control, and this is like being disoriented when someone punches you on the head. Apart from the aim punch, a working shield helps you to avoid more hits. It also helps you to aim and shoot accurately. So, make sure you keep up your shield capacity to the fullest all through the game. 

  • Choose shield swapping over recharging. 

Recharging your shields in Apex Legend may seem like the right thing to do. This is especially tempting when you think of recharging to a higher-level one. But Predators understand that it’s better to swap them than waste time doing the former. This practice can help you get easy kills. Also, it could save your life. 

If you can loot swapped shields, then you’re rightly positioned to fight. Also, some players who have fallen might have shields on them. If you find such, grab them instead of recharging a depleted one.  By doing that, you can swap your shield easily when confronted with intense situations. 

  • Switch instead of reloading

If you don’t want to become easy prey, always switch to a second weapon instead of stopping to reload. The time it will take you to make the switch is shorter than stopping to reload. Moreover, those few seconds are all a sharpshooter needs to drop you. So, make sure your guns are loaded and ready to be used from when you drop into the game. 

The simplest way to ensure that is by choosing your magazines & ammo first before picking the weapon. Once you use this strategy, the weapons that will drop for you will be fully loaded and ready to fire. 


It takes a lot of dedication, skills, and interest to attain the level of Predator. Every Apex Legend player desires that title but do we all have what it takes? The answer is no. So, if you’re pursuing that level, make sure you use all the tools at your disposal to play it better. With everything above and the programmer’s tools, you can storm the game and fight without restrictions. Just make sure you follow our tips for the best results.


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