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Top 3 trends of .net Framework in 2021

Which benefits of DotNet Core? In fact, .NET Core is almost a complete reload of...

Which benefits of DotNet Core?

In fact, .NET Core is almost a complete reload of the .NET Framework stack (Latest net Framework is 4.8). A number of technologies were excluded from the new platform for various reasons. It should be understood that the .NET Core platform is designed primarily for development for server and cloud solutions. For desktop applications, classic .NET for Windows (with support for WPF and Windows Forms) and Mono for Linux and Mac OS X (with support for Windows Forms) are better suited. Mobile projects can be created using Xamarin. .NET Core enables small projects and startups to take full advantage of an enterprise-grade platform while providing easy-to-use development tools and low-cost infrastructure. In the future, the platform will inevitably enter the large corporate market. Outsource .net development companies know about all the advantages of this platform  like no one else.

You may ask why NET Framework? Now we will briefly try to answer this.


1. DotNet 5.0 

Almost everything was accelerated and visible in this edition. At a basic level, through advances in GC and JIT, as well as at the level of individual framework components. So, if you want to win in terms of performance, you should at the very least try to upgrade the framework version and see how much the major scripts have speeded up.

Improvements in Blazor and WPF / WinForms are also key reasons to migrate. It’s worth attempting to update to.NET 5 if you’re using any of these frameworks; the changes are still apparent and beneficial. It should be noted, however, that the move for Blazor will be extremely tough.


2. ML.NET 1.4

ML.NET is a free machine learning library written in C# and F#. When used with NimbusML, it also supports Python models. Transformations for building functions like n-gram generation and learners for handling binary classification, multiclass classification, and regression issues were included in the initial version of ML.NET. Additional machine learning applications, such as anomaly detection and recommendation systems, have been added since then, and future versions will support other methods such as deep learning.



Blazor provides a UI framework for building interactive applications that can run  from the server and from the client on the .NET platform. In its development, the Blazor framework has been greatly influenced by modern frameworks for creating client applications – Angular, React, VueJS. In particular, this manifests itself in the role of components in the construction of the user interface.Both on the server and on the client side, C # is used instead of JavaScript when defining code as the programming language. And to describe the visual interface, standard HTML and CSS are used.



Apa Itu Framework? Pengertian, Manfaat, & Jenisnya

Blazor provides developers with the following benefits:

  • Writing Web Application Code with C # Instead of JavaScript
  • Harnessing the power of the .NET ecosystem, in particular .NET libraries for building applications, security and performance of the .NET platform
  • The client and server parts of the application can share common logic
  • Using Visual Studio as a development tool that has built-in templates to simplify application creation


Functionally, Blazor is currently subdivided into two subsystems:

  • Blazor Server: Lets you build server-side apps and is supported by ASP.NET Core
  • Blazor WebAssembly: Lets you build client-side, interactive single page apps that run in the user’s browser and run using WebAssembly technology



As you know, no framework is developing very quickly, there are many trends and branches, everything is done to maximize the comfort of working with this. You just have to watch this development, learn about it and choose what suits you best. We think that NET Framework – this is the best solution that corresponds to the present. Find More info here.


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