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Technological Trends of the Future: What Changes Await Us

Technological Trends of the Future: What Changes Await Us
Technology does not stand still and is constantly evolving. Some make room for others. Just...

Technology does not stand still and is constantly evolving. Some make room for others. Just think about the creation of an unmanned car, a 3D printer for developing body parts in the laboratory, or the possibility of creating a legal online casino in Canada, with a special security system. Let’s become “technical visionaries” for a while and try to imagine the technological trends of the future that will affect all of humanity.

What Are They?

Technological trends are current trends in the development of technology in one area or another. To date, they are related to the development of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other technologies. The areas in which technology trends are observed can vary from education and agriculture to business and security.

Technology Trends of the Future: A Brief Overview

Here is a collection of trends to watch in the next 2-5 or 10 years. They appeared in Gartner’s annual Technology Maturity Cycle report:


  • The Democratization of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Gartner study has many AI technologies – autonomous cars, drones, virtual assistants, smart communication platforms, deep learning, autonomous robots, and more. Voice assistant and deep learning will be a major driving force in the next 2-5 years, the analyst company’s experts say.


  • The formation of digital ecosystems. These are, for example, blockchain and platforms for the Internet of Things. Experts say that such ecosystems will reach their maturity in the next 5-10 years.


  • DIY biohacking. In and of itself, “biohacking” involves a set of techniques to help improve the body’s health. The development of DIY-biohacking suggests that in the future people will be able to “hack” bioprocesses and tweak them for themselves. For example, biochips, artificial organs, and tissues, smart clothing, augmented and mixed reality, etc. Along with the development of these technologies, the ethical problem is exacerbated.


  • Human-centered technologies. They will help us live and work in comfort. These include 4D printing, smart dust, stereo displays, silicon anode batteries, and the smart workplace.


  • Ubiquitous infrastructure. It includes carbon nanotubes, quantum computing, neuromorphic chips, and 5G. These technologies create unlimited computing power for companies.


These are not facts, they are just predictions. Sometimes they tend not to come true. Still, company CIOs and technology leaders constantly monitor the market to stay abreast of new technologies.

Technological Trends in Education

How will the technological trends of the future influence the quality of education for schoolchildren and students? This question is of interest to almost all adults.

Technological Trends of the Future: What Changes Await Us

Among the main trends are:


  • Replacing teachers with robots. Robotic systems have already affected the education system. Friendly and humanoid robots are slowly beginning to teach. And so far, they are proving to be very good teachers.


  • Online courses. Standard teaching methods will become a thing of the past, and progressive applications will replace them. They will help improve educational productivity. Apps will be able to adapt and teach a person based on their skills and using BigData.
  • Using gaming technology for deep learning. One example is an online resource for forensic students implemented with virtual or augmented reality glasses. Here, students use games to simulate the forensic examination required after a crime is committed.


The pace of technological advances in education is rapidly accelerating. This is changing the way students learn, replacing traditional teaching methods and resources with digital learning materials and virtual games, making them accessible through mobile devices. To cope with the innovation, learning spaces are being updated and smart cards are being used to manage attendance. Perhaps the biggest change is in the use of AI, where robots are now being programmed to teach people.

Technological Trends in Agriculture

Food shortages are one of the biggest problems of the 21st century. H&F compiled a forecast of what trends in the agricultural sector can overcome hunger on Earth:


  1. Precision Farming. The principle behind precision farming is that not all areas to be farmed require the same amount of care. With the help of sensors, sensors, aerial and satellite imagery, farmers will spend fertilizer and water only on those places that need it. And, accordingly, this principle will serve to reduce costs.


  1. Growth of agbots. An agbot, or agricultural robot, will be able to pick strawberries from beds, milk a cow, or water plants. And that’s not all: in the next 10 years they will be plowing fields, removing weeds, applying fertilizer, and harvesting any crop. And in another 5 years, the agbots will be organized into a whole “swarm” controlled by an intelligent system.


  1. Rapid Selection. Some experts believe that genetic engineering will become the norm in the next decade. It will be able to defeat hunger on Earth, for example, by breeding perennial crops.


  1. Green Energy. Solar panels and wind farms installed in the fields will provide the energy to run agricultural robots. The use of batteries based on the mineral perovskite will reduce the cost of solar energy by 75% and reduce the cost of food.


  1. Vertical Gardens in Cities. By 2050 there will be 9 billion people on our Earth, of which 75% will be urban. Therefore another trend will be vertical farms located on the roofs of houses. Today, the most prominent example of a vertical garden implementation is Pasona in Japan.

Technological Trends in Business

Advanced networking technology, server computing, and intelligent interfaces will change business processes in the coming years. Deloitte shares in its report what the technology trends of the future will be in business:


  1. The introduction of AI into all organizations. It is already starting to integrate into core business processes, products, and services, and this trend will only increase in the future. Machine learning, natural language processing, and RPA are not only influencing business, they are driving it.


  1. Intelligent interfaces in business processes. Computer vision, auditory analytics, augmented and virtual reality have led to a much more human-centered focus in technology, and this trend will only expand in the future.


  1. Going beyond marketing. Marketing directors are forging closer relationships with CIOs to provide more personalized interactions with customers. New marketing tools and techniques will continue to make customer interactions more dynamic, especially as partnerships between CIOs and CCOs evolve.


  1. NoOps development. Cloud computing is entering its next stage as technical resources become fully abstracted and management tasks begin to be automated. This technology can free IT professionals from routine, time-consuming responsibilities, allowing teams to focus on more activities that impact business outcomes.


  1. Tomorrow’s connectivity. 5G, mesh networks and edge computing will completely transform the way companies are positioned, helping them reach places like warehouses and retail stores. Connectivity will help shape new products and services and solve problems efficiently.

Thus, all technological trends are related to improving human comfort and quality of life, as well as solving the global problems of mankind. As they are developing at a tremendous pace, we will feel how they change our daily lives and work. Get ready: in the next 10 years, we are going to experience strong changes!


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