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First we offer a Free no-obligation debt analysis to show you what can be accomplished...

First we offer a Free no-obligation debt analysis to show you what can be accomplished in your specific situation. We then formulate a customized plan of action. We present the options to you so you are able to make an informed decision and assist you through the enrollment process.

We employ sound financial principles and strategies that are time tested and recommended by financial experts. Our proprietary software helps determine the most efficient pay off strategy. Over time we create margin that is applied directly to reduce principle and bring your debt balances down to zero.

While the strategy is powerful most people find it difficult to apply the strategy consistently in real life. It may seem magical but it is just math. The strategy requires discipline and consistency month after month for 8 to 12 years depending upon your situation. This is where First-Step Financial Group really makes a difference by simplifying and automating the process for you.

It can be likened to a person attempting to start a new diet or exercise program. For most people that start a new diet, they find that life gets busy and the diet becomes inconvenient and difficult. Short term results may occur but the main goal is seldom achieved.

Our clients recognize the wisdom of automating and simplifying the process through our Financial Freedom Plan. The best strategy in the world will have no effect unless it is put it into action! The large majority of Americans are deep in debt and the amount of interest they are paying over their lifetime is costing them much more than they realize.

Contact us today at 858.736.9285 or fill out our secured Free Analysis Guide and a Liability Advisor will be in contact shortly.

” Finally, a plan that works! My husband and I were not drowning in debt, yet there never seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel. First-Step Financial Group developed a plan that showed us a way out. They looked at our debt and reorganized our payments. We are not paying less, but we are paying OFF. We are now down to owing just on our mortgage and that will be paid off in FAR less time than if we had stayed on the old track we were on. Even when we had the “surprise” of having to replace our heating and cooling systems, First-Step Financial Group advised us, and they had it paid off with little change to our original plan.

First-Step Financial Group has truly made the process easy for us. The staff is always helpful and on top of any questions or concerns. We would, without a doubt, recommend First-Step Financial Group to anyone who needs guidance about debt. At least in this area, we have peace of mind.”

First Step Financial Group, Do I Qualify

” This wonderful debt elimination service provided by First-Step Financial Group has taken away the stress and has replaced it with confidence in our financial future. We have made amazing progress in the past four years with First-Step Financial Group. It is a wonderful feeling to know that in just 5 more years we will be completely debt free, even our house will be paid off. We worried that we would never be able to set a side enough money for retirement. Now we are on a program that gives us the structure that will help get us where we need to be financially.”

Cheryl F. – Arizona

The first step in the First-Step Financial Group process is to participate in a 15 to 30 minute telephone consultation with one of our trained Liability Advisors. During the consultation, we’ll determine if you are a potential candidate for our Financial Freedom Plan. We’ll gather some basic information such as debt balances and interest rates. (We will NOT ask you for any personally identifying information such as Social Security Number, Account Numbers, Birthdates, etc.) We’ll also ask you some questions that help us understand your financial disposition and financial goals.

At the conclusion of the consultation, we’ll set up a time the next day and let you know if you are a candidate for Financial Freedom Plan. If you are a candidate, your Liability Advisor will coordinate with our Debt Plan Division to prepare a customized Debt Plan Report and schedule a time with you to review it.

There is no charge for the Consultation or the customized Debt Plan Report.

In order to schedule time with one of our Financial Consultants you must meet the following minimum requirements:

Earn and spend your money in US Dollars.

Have at least one mortgage loan on a primary or secondary residence, property and/or condominium.

Have at least $10,000 in other debt such as credit cards, automobiles, taxes, student loans, medical bills, etc.

Are current (or capable of getting current) on all debt payments.

Are committed to becoming debt free and want to make it a priority.

If you co-mingle your finances with a spouse or partner, you must be willing to work together in your common goal of becoming debt free.

Question: Will this program hurt my credit?

Answer: No. We do not negotiate with the creditors like hardship programs do such as Credit Counseling or Debt Settlement. Your credit will actually be improved because payments are made on time with consistency and we never pay less than the minimum amount due. Your debt-to-income ratio will also improve which will greatly improve your credit score.

Question: How do you achieve such amazing results?

Answer: It seems like magic, but it is just math. The magic comes from the consistent application of the power down strategy over time. We will assess your specific situation and formulate a strategy. With the same money you’re already spending we restructure your payments to your advantage rather than the lender’s. We create a margin which is used to strategically pay down your principal much quicker and thus achieving the amazing results. It is a combination of strategy with automatic application of the strategies that makes the big difference.

Question: How much does this service cost?

Answer: Generally there is no out-of-pocket expense and no increase in your current payments. Actually lowering your monthly payments is sometimes a possibility. Of course our service does have a cost but the cost is only a fraction of what we can actually save you. A more important question is “how much will it cost me to NOT do this program.” We offer a FREE consultation to you and present a customized analysis with all the numbers to help you in making your decision.

Question: What do creditors think about this service?

Answer: To creditors we are simply a bill pay service. Our service is essentially transparent to them. Every debt will always receive at least the minimum payment due. Credit card companies want to keep you in debt for as long as possible. Their profits come from finance charges and other fees they like to charge you. Our goal is the opposite, to get you out of debt as soon as possible and to help you pay as little interest as possible.

Question: Will this program bring me immediate debt relief and lower my payments?

Answer: We may be able to lower your payments, but this is not a hardship program. If you are unemployed or short on cash each month (cash negative) and need immediate debt relief you may not be a good candidate for our service but we may be able to help you. This is where the free consultation is valuable.

Question: Am I required to refinance my mortgage?

Answer: No, you are not required but in many cases it may make good sense. We can run an analysis to determine if a refinance is in your best interest or not. Many times a refinance will lower the overall monthly payments and accelerate the debt elimination even quicker. Remember, you are under no obligation.


Question: Can I include all of my bills?

Answer: Any and all debts can be included in the Debt Power Down service. This includes all credit cards, department store cards, gas cards, medical & hospital bills, student loans, mortgage payments, auto loans, tax debts and any payment you have that accumulates interest. We eliminate all of your debt in 1/2 to 1/3 the normal time. By adding our Total Bill Management service you can include all of your bills including non-debt bills such as your electricity bill, phone bill, and all other monthly bills.

Question: Can I increase payments if my situation changes to get out of debt even sooner?

Answer: Absolutely, you can always increase the draft amount and there is never a penalty for early repayment. This would enable you to get out of debt even faster.

Question: Can I decrease my payments if my income situation takes a negative turn?

Answer: It may be possible to decrease the total monthly amount you are paying. We will consult with you and discuss all possible options. Payments can be delayed or skipped or canceled if necessary. You are always in control.

Question: What if I get a new car or want to make other changes to my debts?

Answer: We understand that life’s circumstances can change. You simply let us know what the new information is and we update your debt plan. If you ask us, we can also let you know the impact of any decision regarding debt before hand so you can make a more informed decision.


Baby Boomers and Retirement

With 80 million Baby Boomers starting to retire your going to start seeing a pattern.  First, alot of Baby Boomers are going to continue to work for an extra 3-5 years due to the 40% stock market drop last year which affected their retirement plans.  Second, the ones that do retire you’ll see in about 14-17 years their either going to have to move in with one of their kids or move into a retirement facility.

Now, I say all of that because we can help those Baby Boomers out.  When people used to retire they had no mortgage by retirement or any other bills so between whatever money they had plus social security and a pension their retirement plan worked.  With so many Baby Boomers still having so much debt having it be their mortgage, credit cards or just high monthly expenses such as health care WE CAN HELP!

Imagine….. if over the next 9-12 years while Baby Boomers are living off of the money they have saved for retirement, we help them get on a program that will help them eliminate their debt once and for all.  Now their money that they’ve worked hard for, will last them longer because they won’t have any bills to pay each month!

“Remember, whose retirement are you planning; the creditors and banks or your own?”  If it’s your own, please go to and see how we can help you live the retirement you want and deserve.

Help Me Lower the Divorce Rate

I know that this title for this entry is a little off the wall, but please keep reading and see if you can help me.

One of the leading causes of divorce is “Financial Stress!”  Matter of fact,  I read an article that some people that want to get divorced but they can’t afford it so their stuck together.

There is no doubt that when I say “Financial Stress” I’m talking about people’s debts.  Debt is like a thief, it will steal your happiness away in your marriage, friendships or even at the workplace.

Here’s how you can help me out.  I’d like to be introduced to your friend, family member or co-worker that you care about that has been going through some tough times in their marriage and you have a hunch that it’s due to “Financial Stress!”  The reason I want to be introduced to them is I have a program that I’d like to introduce to them that I know will change their life and very possibly save the marriage.

What You Don’t Know Will Cost You!

The reason I titled this entry this way is because there is a better way to go about your financial life.

The two sayings that I’m sure you’ve all heard at some point in your life and that is; “What you don’t know, won’t hurt you” and “What you don’t know, you don’t know!”  They both seem so simple and so true, but when it comes to money those kind of sayings will cost you money!

In the financial planning industry they have a saying that goes like this; “People that understand interest EARN IT and people that don’t know how interest works PAY IT!”

If it was possible for you to save anywhere between $100,000 and $300,000 in interest on your current debt obligations to banks and creditors, would you want to know about it?  The reason I ask people that is I have a program that will save you Interest on your debt and ultimately put it back in your pocket or retirement account.  I want everyone to know there’s a better way…

If your one of those people that is curious about exactly how much Interest your going to pay on your debts and would also like to know what Month and Year you could be 100% Debt-Free please send us an email at and one of our Advisors will be in touch with you shortly to take advantage of our No-Obligation Debt-Free Analysis.

Did Your “401k” Turn Into A “201k” Lately?

Well I’m sure there are alot of people that feel like their 401k has turned into literally a 201k!  Now I know I shouldn’t joke about that because with most Americans were all in the same boat.  Now here is the important part.  YOU DON’T HAVE TO STAY IN THAT BOAT!

What I’m trying to say is that if you sat down with your Financial Advisor and looked at your current situation a good Financial Advisor would tell you that you need to put some different strategies in place to produce different results in your financial plan.

The reason that Financial Advisors are such big supporters of Debt Elimination programs is that it actually compliments what your trying to achieve with your Financial Advisor and that is grow your wealth.  The less debt you have the more you can put into your retirement account.  It’s discouraging to a Financial Advisor who specializes in helping you grow your assets when the client their working with is tapped out each month after they pay all of their bills.  I took a poll with the 93 different Financial Advisors that I work with and asked them this question; “What is the biggest hurdle you come across when you sit down with a client that’s wanting to grow their retirement plan?”  With a majority answer they said; “Our clients have so much debt that by the time they pay all their bills (DEBT) each month, they don’t have any extra money to put towards their retirement accounts!”

The reason I share that is, the debt you have is probably holding you back from being able to plan for the retirement that you want and deserve!

If your thinking about jumping on the boat that ultimately docks in “Financial Freedom” harbor, TODAY is the best day to make a change.

Difference between Debt Settlement and Debt Elimination

I was excited to write this one to answer alot of my clients questions.

It’s not too hard to be driving down the road and you hear “We will help you eliminate your credit card debt!”  I’m sure we’ve all heard it at least once.  Debt Settlement is making a big push on the radio so I’m going to take a moment to share the differences.

Debt Settlement – This is a hardship type program.  You might ask what is a hardship program, well that is for folks that are currently behind on their monthly obligations with creditors or in simple terms your behind on your bills.  What a Debt Settlement company will do is negotiate with your creditors to reduce the principal balance you have with that creditor.  Really, who wouldn’t want their debts negotiated to a lower balance?  My opinion is, you don’t want to go the Debt Settlement route if you don’t have to because it ultimately hurts your credit scores and were in a time of lending where your credit score is going to be more important than ever.  What Debt Settlement doesn’t do is truly help you become 100% Debt Free!

Debt Elimination – WE ARE NOT A HARDSHIP PROGRAM!  We help people get on a program/plan that ultimately helps you become 100% DEBT FREE in 1/3 to 1/2 the time it normally would take you which puts thousands and thousands of dollars back in your pocket and not the banks and we help increase your credit scores.  It’s a win-win for you as the client.  Now you may ask whose a great candidate to take advantage of this type of program.  Two things: first, you have to be current on your bills each month and second, you have to make a commitment to yourself that once and for all your going to get out of the rat race in life and become “Financially Free!” 

I say that because alot of people want to be debt free but very few make a commitment to themselves to better their financial future!

Imagine…..What your life will be like when you become 100% Debt-Free!

Financial Health affects Physical Health

Wanted to take a few moments to share how your financial health can and will affect your physical health.  Have you noticed over the last six months how many people have been sick or just not themselves lately?  Based off of what’s going on in the economy and wall street it doesn’t surprise me.

Imagine what your life would be like if you had ZERO bills to pay each month?  Really think about it for a moment and probably in your own body you feel a breath of fresh air.

In the beginning of every year most people start New Year resolutions and the most common one is to either lose weight or get more physically fit.  I challenge you to do something different this year.  Not only do I challenge you to get physically fit but focus on yourself and become “Financially Strong” in 2009! 

The best investment you can make this year is in YOURSELF!


Welcome to my Blog.

The purpose of this blog is to share some better and different insight and mindsets on how to view debt and how it affects our personal and business lives.

As the quote I once heard “Different isn’t always better but better is always different!”



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