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Solution For Most Common Sales Problems That Sales Reps Face

Have you ever come across a sales problem and are unable to find a solution? Because of it, are you behind in meeting your sales quota? Every sales rep has to face those challenges. However, it’s quite common for sales reps to ignore these challenges and keep selling without any smart sales goals, but that fetches them back to those same disappointing results.

Running away from a challenge is not a solution, though, it seems, but it doesn’t work in the long run. Instead, the better approach is to face the challenge and look for one way or the other.

So, let’s take a look at some of the familiar challenges that sales people face and the solution to solve those problems.


Problem 1: Matching against competitors

There has been a rat race of competing with each other and surpassing their competitors. To come first in the race, companies are using different strategies like offering freebies, lowering their prices to attract their customers. Prospects look at such things to get a product at a reasonable price. Often sales people get to hear such messages like “The [Y competitor] is giving the same product as X price” or “X competitor is providing a 15% discount”. And then, they don’t know how to reply or answer the questions in haste.

Solution For Most Common Sales Problems That Sales Reps Face

Solution: Do an in-depth competitor analysis and find out your competitor strength and weakness

Share testimonials and case studies of customers with your prospects

Tell your prospects how you’re better than your competitors.


Problem 2: Less time of selling products

This is a major problem for sales reps. Usually, they have a big to-do list to complete. Most of the items in the to-do list are repetitive and time-consuming that takes away all their time. They only get to spend a third of their time actually selling.

Solution For Most Common Sales Problems That Sales Reps Face

Solution: Use an automation tool to complete your respective tasks

Use sales tools that provide profile enrichment features, and all the important information of the prospects gets pulled automatically & understanding how to make a sales pitch that wins every deal.

Creating and reusing email templates.

Keeping track of your sales activities in a CRM.

Using one software to maintain all your sales data.


Problem 3: Getting a reply from the customer

Many prospects stop responding after a few rounds of interactions. There can be many reasons for it. Usually, the silence means that the prospects are not interested in moving further in the sales funnel, which can be pretty demotivating.


Solution: Connect with a different person in the prospect’s company.

Use different mediums to connect with your prospects.

Create different content and subject lines to increase the response rate.

Follow up with your prospects regularly.

Proactively solve their queries and educate them about your product.


Problem 4: Lack of proper response during negotiation

A large number of deals are missed during the negotiation process. Prospects want a product at a lower price and are reluctant to negotiate the price.


Solution: Try to handle the matter calmly.

Use different negotiation tricks to negotiate with prospects.

Find out the prospects’ pain points and let them know how your product can solve those issues.

Quote an increased price first and later lower your rates with restricted features.


Problem 5: Not able to handle rejection or criticism

Hearing a NO or a criticism is quite common in the sales industry. Those who aren’t used to listening to criticism get demoralized easily and their performance gets affected in the next deal.


Solution: Get used to hearing no.

When you get a criticism, don’t take it by heart. Instead, learn from the mistakes.

Ask your sales manager to host a mock call session to prepare you to deal with rejection.



Often sales can be a tough job. There are many challenges that sales reps have to face while making a deal. But with a clear mind, determination, and clear attitude, anyone can overcome those challenges and turn those challenges into success.


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