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Scientology Drug Abuse Prevention Booklet The Church of Scientology International and Scientology churches in countries...

Scientology Drug Abuse Prevention Booklet

The Church of Scientology International and Scientology churches in countries around the world publish and distribute booklets that lay out the real effects of commonly used drugs. Popular with educators, parents and kids, these booklets speak to youth, presenting the real facts about heroin, cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy to answer their questions and help them make their own decisions about what they are going to do with their lives. To get copies of these booklets, contact the public affairs directors of churches of Scientology or e-mail us at We also welcome you to contact us about providing drug-education and prevention lectures, setting up chapters of the Drug-Free Marshals or to work with us in any capacity to help eliminate this epidemic.

Essays on the Drug Problem

  1. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion, did extensive research into the cause and remedies of drug problems. He described his breakthrough in the following essay.

“The planet has hit a barrier which prevents any widespread social progress—drugs and other biochemical substances.

“These can put people into a condition which not only prohibits and destroys physical health but which can prevent any stable advancement in mental or spiritual well-being.”

In an article from 1969, Mr. Hubbard described the launch of a social application of his drug rehabilitation technology.

“Scientology is closely cooperating with the government in programs to handle the drug-addiction problem now becoming chronic in society.

“Drug addicts have been found to have begun drug taking because of physical suffering or hopelessness. In one country a Scientology pilot project has been in progress for about a year… some 50 percent of the committed addicts have recovered and have not been recommitted. By eradicating in the addict the cause of the original suffering or hopelessness, the need of drugs is voluntarily dispensed with by the former addict.”

Concerned about the effects of drugs on the individual and the culture, Scientologists and Scientology churches are very active in working to handle drug problems in their communities.

One such program sponsored by the Scientology churches is the “Drug-Free Marshals”.

The Church of Scientology International created and launched the Drug-Free Marshals youth drug-education and prevention program in 1993 to educate children as young as 6 on the dangers of drugs, and to challenge them to remain drug-free. Learn how it works, and how to start a group in your neighborhood or local school.

Freedom Magazine

Freedom Magazine, published by the Church of Scientology International in the United States, and its 20 affiliated editions of magazines and journals published by Scientology churches in 16 more countries, look into the underlying social causes of the drug problem and present constructive ideas on how these problems can be solved.

It also regularly features drug education and prevention programs of Scientology churches in such countries as Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Italy, and throughout the United States.

“Scientologists do not stand ready to punish drug takers or reform a whole society on the subject. But they do stand ready and are active in helping anyone or any government to handle the problem.”

Think Clearly
The Church of Scientology International presents information on the Purification program. Learn how drugs, chemicals and other toxins can destroy your physical health and make you muddled and confused in life. Take a “toxic test”.

Clear Body Clear Mind by L. Ron Hubbard
Gain a complete understanding of Scientology drug rehabilitation technology from the book, Clear Body, Clear Mind. This web site presents information about the book, and a link to purchase it online.

Scientology Home Page
Learn more about Scientology drug programs at the official web site of the Church of Scientology International. Gain more insight into the Scientology religion. Take a free personality test to locate areas you want to improve about yourself. Get a referral for an evaluation of your test at a Scientology church or mission.

Scientology Training
Scientology training enables you to improve your self confidence and your ability to help others.

Scientology Auditing
Scientology auditing is a very unique form of personal spiritual counseling unlike any other. It is called auditing, and the Scientology counselor is called an auditor from the Latin word “audire” — to listen.
On this site you will learn about specific Scientology auditing procedures that deal with the effects of drugs, and enable people to fully recover from past drug problems and live drug-free lives.

Scientology Missions International
Find a Scientology mission near you and learn how to take your first step toward a better life.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers
Scientology Volunteer Ministers learn very simple techniques that they use to help people recover from stress and anxiety about the future. Contact a Scientology Volunteer Minister through the locator on this web site.

What is Scientology?
There is a great deal more to learn about Scientology, and this web site provides an excellent overview.

About L. Ron Hubbard
Meet L. Ron Hubbard, and find out how he came to research Scientology.

Scientology Handbook
The first step to improving life is having an understanding of it. The Scientology Handbook contains information on such subjects as how to improve a relationship, how to study better, why communication sometimes breaks down and how to restore it, and how to help a friend or family member withdraw from drugs painlessly.

Scientology Press Office
Learn more about the Church of Scientology International and Scientology churches and missions around the world including the latest press releases and biographical information about Scientology spokespersons.

Scientology Grand Exhibition vision information technologies


Welcome to the What is Scientology? Grand Exhibition introducing effective solutions to combat the planet-wide drug problem.

What is Scientology? Find out for yourself.

  • Learn about the only effective way to fully remove drugs and toxins from your body!
  • Free consultation about how you can think more clearly
  • Free film describing the Scientology® religion and its churches
  • Interesting brochures and articles to take away
  • Relax, while helpful staff answer your questions

Scientologists are 100% drug-free, and a focal point to this exhibition is the Scientology detoxification program called the Purification Program, developed by humanitarian and founder of the Scientology religion, L. Ron Hubbard.

This program, designed to remove toxins and drugs from the body naturally, without the use of other drugs, has proven enormously successful throughout the world. The results leave a person able to think more clearly, be more alert, aware and self-confident, as well as free from the harmful effects of drugs and other toxic residues.

Visitors to the exhibition will be given the chance to see in detail how this works.


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