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Quick Tips in Choosing a Condo Based on the Location

Canninghill Piers

There are so many investment instruments such as stocks, gold, and even property. For some people, investing in property is the best choice. It is not only about a private house but also an apartment or a condo. A private house’s price is increasing each year. Purchasing this as an investment will need a considerable amount of money. That is why you can try an apartment or the cheaper ones, a condo. However, choosing a condo is not always easy. It would help if you considered the developer, facilities, and the most important is the location. Finding a condo in a strategic location is easy, but the price is not affordable for sure. In Canninghill Piers, you will not face this. Located in a strategic location, it is the place where you can invest your money. You will get so many benefits if you purchase this unit. To clarify this, we have several tips for choosing the best condo for you.

Managing your financial issue first

Financial is the key. You cannot just want to invest in something if you do not manage your financial ability first. Before deciding to purchase the condo, make sure that you have sufficient money to pay this. One thing you need to remember is that you must calculate your monthly expense. Once you find it, you can decide the property price that you want to buy based on your financial ability. A tip if you want a cheaper condo, you can try the pre-sale condominium. It means that a developer has decided to build a tower, but they do not have sufficient funds. That is why they need funds from investors from the pre-sale program. Besides managing your financial issues, you also need to ensure that a prestigious and trusted developer develops the tower. There are many cases in a developer run, and the investor lost their money. That is why doing the research before will give you benefits. For instance, you can choose the Canninghill Piers condo, a condo developed by a trusted developer with prestigious work before. What do Canninghill Piers have? Read the next section.

Considering the facilities and accessibility

Choosing a condo either for your investment or living usually takes time. You need to consider several aspects including the transportation accessibility, healthcare, business center, and the price for sure. If you want an affordable condo with a bunch of facilities and accessibilities, then Canninghill Piers is the right choice. Canninghill Piers is located in River Valley Road, and it is actually former of Liang Court. With the great view from the Singapore River, this residential will give you beautiful scenery from your room. There is no need to worry about the facility as the tower is linked with Fort Canning MRT and various dining and shopping options. You also only need minutes away from CBD (Central Business District), Orchard Road, and other attractive places. However, if you want entertainment without leaving the building, you can also go to floor 45 to enjoy the Skyclub. Not only a clubhouse, but you can also enjoy the Skygym, Infinity Lap Pool, and others. What are you waiting for? It is time to have one.

Purchasing your condo at Canninghill Piers

As Canninghill Piers is a dream condo for everyone, then you want to own one for sure. With 24 and 48 stores of residential towers, this residential offers so many benefits for you. The residential tower is expected to launch in October 2021, yet many people have been waiting for this and purchase the units. If you want to check the Canninghill Piers balance units, you can just visit the website and register your account. Besides getting the information about the units, you can also get the Canninghill Piers sold units and the Canninghill Piers remaining units information. If you want to purchase the unit to live in with your family and kids, you will not be confused about your kids’ entertainment as this residential tower also has a children’s plays area. While if you want to do exercise without leaving the building, you can use the jogging track and the Skygym.

It is clear that choosing a condo or residential area that has many facilities and accessibilities can give you so much ease. Besides, you can save more as you do not need to go somewhere to do exercise or find an entertainment place in the area. All you need to do is going to the other building or floor to enjoy the excitement. In addition, with the strategic location makes you easier to reach anywhere moreover it is linked with transportation facility. No need to wait longer, and do not wait until the units run out. Purchase now, or you can visit the Canninghill Piers website to get more information about the residential area.


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