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Marketing tips for the third quarter of 2021

2020 was, to put it mildly, unpredictable. Some of the trends that were predicted before...

2020 was, to put it mildly, unpredictable. Some of the trends that were predicted before the pandemic did appear, while others did not materialize at all. In particular, online sales have skyrocketed, people are spending more time on social media, and video conferencing has become the norm. This has led to major changes in the way brands interact with their consumers.


Live broadcasts, live from bloggers

On Facebook during the pandemic, the number of views of live broadcasts in real time increased by 50%, on Instagram – by 70%.

Amazon Live made a lot of money during the pandemic on live streams. Bloggers have taken to the platform to promote their favorite products while streaming. Such live broadcasts with the participation of bloggers inspire more trust among the audience.

Same could be said about the artist’s space. If you want to have better access to the digital platforms, it’s better to focus more on the powerful tools like Spotify and SoundCloud. Artists should understand that live broadcasts became reality and more people want to watch not only video but also audio streams. That’s why musicians have to be active on Spotify. Musicians can buy Spotify plays to get better organic reach within the platform.


Mission and goodwill

Consumers cannot communicate with brands they deem to be disingenuous. This is why authenticity will be critical for brands in 2021.

Next year, we’ll see more brands running charitable events, such as the Hilton hotels for heroes, where they showcased toll-free numbers to healthcare professionals.

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UGC to improve customer service

User generated content builds and strengthens communities, lifts spirits and helps brands generate content amid restrictive measures. UGC has long been an effective way for brands to build relationships with their customers and provide social guarantees, and it will continue to be popular in 2021.


Conscious consumption

81% of consumers strongly believe that companies should help improve the environment. They are now actively looking for brands that are consumer conscious. And brands are trying to meet the needs of the audience.

The company said the brand will continue to use recycled waste from the ocean to create products, and some of the proceeds from the sale will go to clean up the environment.


Inclusiveness will be key

An Accenture study shows that a cultural shift towards inclusiveness affects shopping behavior: 41% of shoppers are leaving retailers who do not reflect their views on identity and diversity, and 29% are willing to abandon brands altogether if they do not demonstrate inclusiveness.

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Visual and voice search

An increasing number of consumers are looking for products using voice tools. But it’s not just voice search that will dominate in 2021 – other creative search methods are expected to become popular, such as visual search. This means marketers will have to focus even more on alt-text and sitemaps.


Easy to consume and accessible content

2020 has also shown that people are leaning towards easy-to-consume content – things like podcasts that you can listen to on the go or newsletters that drop in the mail. Advertisers have started spending more on podcasts, a hint of their continued success in 2021. Convenient and easily accessible content like podcasts and newsletters will help brands connect deeper with customers and provide a more intimate way to stay connected.


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