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Look Out For These Hidden Injuries After A Car Accident 

Look Out For These Hidden Injuries After A Car Accident 

Car accidents are a terrifying experience to endure. Apart from the possibility of facing significant injuries and traumas, you might suffer from non-fatal or hidden injuries that might result in long-term disabilities.

The effect of adrenaline in our system after the impact of an accident which acts as a pain reliever might make minor injuries go unnoticed and can be fatal to some extent.

While you look out for significant damages and impairment, you should speak to an attorney after the incident to avoid all possible challenges you face while dealing with the insurance company. Additionally, make arrangements for alternate transportation and to see a doctor depending upon the depth of the situation.

Hidden injuries and symptoms after a car accident.

  • Concussion or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

This is the most severe consequence due to a hard blow to your head that might not be noticeable immediately but can drag you to the hospital for an extended time. There is a possibility of internal bleeding or swelling after the impact on your head. Having concussions does not make you lose consciousness but can cause you as follows.

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Ringing Ears
  • Struggling to concentrate
  • Dizziness or imbalance
  • Blurry or Double vision


If you encounter any of these signs, you must consult a healthcare professional as soon as possible. Moreover, it will be helpful to know that concussions can also be caused by sudden jerks or by the forceful jolting of your head in different directions.

  1. Soft Tissue Injuries

Complex tissue injuries are apparent, such as bruises, broken bones, or cuts, whereas soft tissue injuries might not be felt immediately after the impact. These impairments include injuries related to muscles, tendons, or ligaments and dislocations. Signs and symptoms to watch out for related to soft tissue injuries are as follows.

  • Swelling or Bruising
  • Spasms or cramps over a long period
  • Formation of lump or knot around the spot of impact
  • Soreness or Stiffness
  • Experiencing pain while moving

The most commonly impacted region on the body is the knees, wrist, shoulder, arms, and elbows. The tendons and muscles of other body parts can also be damaged by the impact of a car accident, resulting in chronic pains, most likely with other symptoms that may or may not be noticeable immediately.

  1. Post Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

The consequences of a car accident are not limited to physical aspects of the injuries. These incidences can leave a damaging mark on the mental, emotional, or psychological levels.

The person enduring discomfort may not be aware that an incident such as a car accident is the root cause. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can cause depression, nightmares, flashbacks of the incident, and many more. In most cases, the effects are noticeable weeks or months after the accidents and not immediately.


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