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Knowing Dry Suction Trucks and Where It Can Be Useful

A dry suction truck is also known as an air excavation truck. It is a...

A dry suction truck is also known as an air excavation truck. It is a unit that use compressed air to dig soil, hole, or trenches. This particular unit is suitable for potholing the ground and underground utilities. This unit excavates sand, wooden chips, grand, etcetera. This unit has been functioned for industrial purposes and used in several other industries. Before knowing which industries, a dry suction truck will be beneficial, let us figure out how dry suction trucks work.

How Dry Suction Truck Works

The dry suction truck has a big hose. It is installed on the ground or pipe. A dry suction truck utilizes compressed air for a great suction into its tank. If a dry suction truck is installed on the ground surface to dig deep and create a hole, the soil, pebbles, and stuff on the ground will be sucked into its tank. The final result will be a perfect hole in the surface. If the dry suction truck operates on a pipe, it cleans any debris that stuck or cluttered the pipeline, and thus water or anything that flows through it will not be clogged.

 Hydrovac Excavation vs. Dry Suction Excavation Trucks

Dy suction truck has several two types of suction method. The hydrovac (hydro vacuum) excavation or also known as wet truck and dry suction excavation. Hydro vacuum excavation and dry suction excavation have the same role and work the same way. The things that differ between both of them are first, the hydro vacuum excavation uses high-pressure water jets. This high-pressure water jet will cleanse the hole or pipe thoroughly than just mere air. It will also make the solid ground turns into mud. Thus, the excavation process will take faster. However, dry suction excavation eliminates using water and reduces the residue. It is one of dry suction’s superiority. Hence, there will not be some waste to take care of.

Dry Suction Excavation Services and The Industries They Can Benefit From

Some industries require services from dry suction excavation services. They need it to clean areas or create a potholing ground for business, farming, etcetera. Usually, an industrial dry suction truck combines both sewer cleaning units, public work departments, and contractors. Cities need dry suction truck service to clean the sewer, prevent floods, and sanitize the sewer line. The construction sites require dry suction service to create potholing holes for underground utility installation. Dry suction service is also an essential service in oilfield operations. It functions to get rid of water fractured from the hydraulic system in the oilfield. Dry suction services are also crucial in assisting rescue efforts. When a disaster occurs such as a trench cave-in or collapsing buildings, landslides, and so on, dry suction truck services will aid the rescue team during the emergencies and try to save the victims. After a disaster came down, a dry suction truck will assist in disaster clean-up. It will help the government take care of a disaster faster and more efficiently.

Dry Suction Trucks

Hiring Dry Suction Vacuum Excavation Truck Services

If your house needs some maintenance such as a catch basin or storm drain clean-up, hiring a dry suction vacuum excavation is a solution. For a factory that has a problem that dry suction services can help, hiring them will solve the problems away. You can dial a dry suction service hotline and consult your problem first. They will provide you with the best solution on which dry suction truck they can offer to assist your issue with the proper suction method truck. Once everyone reaches an agreement, the service will send their excavator along with the crews to aid your need. Despite hiring a dry suction truck personally can also cost you a large sum of money. Dry suction truck costs for its service and traffic control. The pricing is per hour. Thus, you need to be mindful that the final price will base on how long you need to use their service. Thorough consideration of your budget prior is a must. However, for an oilfield operation, for example, hiring dry suction vacuum excavation service results in turning their revenue higher. It is effective and reduces factory loss in many aspects.

Suggestion on Hiring Dry Suction Truck Services

Hiring a dry suction truck service might cost you more than when an industry does the same thing. Hence, if you need some clean-up on your house catch basin or storm drain, it is recommended that you can hire a sewage pump truck instead. For industrial operations such as factories, construction sites, and others, hiring a dry suction truck service will be more effective rather than a regular vacuum truck or sewage pump truck. It is because dry suction truck services are equipped with high technology machines with suction systems and methods are specifically designed for tough jobs and longer duration.


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