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How Long Does an XLM Transfer Take?

Stellar Lumens
Description: In this article, you can find out about XLM cryptocurrency and how long it...

Description: In this article, you can find out about XLM cryptocurrency and how long it takes to complete a transaction with it.

How Long Does an XLM Transfer Take?

In January 2021, many crypto news websites were talking about the new partner of the SDF, Stellar Development Foundation. It was said that the company decided to cooperate with the government of one of the countries in Eastern Europe — Ukraine. According to their deal, the SDF will help the country develop its digital infrastructure and the digital banking system. 

Such a deal has led to an increase in the price of the company’s assets by 40%. Also, more people have become interested in this ecosystem and its cryptocurrency, XLM. Here you can find out more facts about this cryptocurrency, its price and the transaction time it needs.

What is XLM? 

XLM is an abbreviation for the cryptocurrency named Lumen. It is a cryptocurrency created for Stellar, a blockchain payment system. The main point of this ecosystem is to connect different international financial institutions through blockchain in order to develop the market and the economics of developing countries.

The price of XLM is not high, compared to other cryptocurrencies — just $0.6 on average. The all-time high for this currency was $0.9381, which was in January 2018. 

Such a low price of a crypto coin can call for many questions. The major one is: is it low because of crypto inflation? Yes, it was influenced by inflation for some time during the 2018-2019 period. At that time, the system created 100 billion lumens, which led to its price reduction. 

In order to prevent the further development of such an economic instability, it was decided to reduce the number of coins to 50 billion XLM, and create no more. However, you can still easily buy lumens or complete a stellar to bitcoin exchange online, as 20 billion lumens are available in the market. 

The other 30 billion coins are the property of Stellar Development Foundation. They are needed to develop the system, and will be released on the market in the next few years.  

This cryptocurrency has high volatility. In 24 hours its price can increase or decrease by more than 18%, which is higher than ETH’s or LTC’s levels of volatility. 

The fee for each transaction is 0.00001 lumen. This number is nominal, developers of Stellar system say. It is required to keep the access to the system free for everyone and not turn the ecosystem into some kind of an arbitrary database system.

Why transfer time matters?

One of the main features of every cryptocurrency is the transfer time it takes to complete a transaction. Why does it matter that much? Here are some major reasons why the transfer time of any cryptocurrency is important and for whom:

  • Cryptocurrency needs to be as easily accessible as cash money. It is important for both users and the company. Users stop feeling the difference between regular money and crypto money, and the company gets more users.
  • The fast transfer time shows that the system operates correctly and synchronously. It means that the company invests in its system and gives its users an ability to access their crypto money quickly.

As you can see, the time the transfer requires to complete is important not only for the user of the cryptocurrency, but also for the company that creates the cryptocurrency. 

The price and volatility of cryptocurrency is important, without any doubt, but the transfer time is the factor that determines the goal of buying the currency. Fast transfer — the currency is good for everyday operations; long transfer — better for the long-term investments. That is why you should always take the transfer time into account.

The time of transfer comparison 

The best way to understand what is fast and what is not is through a comparison. In the table below, you can see the transfer times of XLM and other popular cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrency Transfer time
XLM (Lumen) 3 – 4 hours
BTC (Bitcoin) 10 minutes – several days
LTC (Litecoin) 2 – 8 minutes
ETH (Ethereum) 30 seconds – 5 minutes


You can see that the transfer time of different cryptocurrencies varies. Starting from seconds and up to several days, the transfer time can change depending on how much money you transfer and the load on the network. 

The XLM cryptocurrency has an average transfer time. It is not the fastest one, compared to Litecoin or Ethereum, but it is not the slowest, compared to Bitcoin. So, when you decide to buy a new cryptocurrency, always take into account not only its price, but also the transfer time.


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