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Hiring an injury attorney in Palmdale? Watch out for red flags

injury attorney

The aftermath of an accident can leave you shocked. Whether it is a case of a construction site mishap in Palmdale or a car accident, you need to take action swiftly to gather relevant evidence. You don’t necessarily need an attorney to file an injury claim in California, but you should seek legal advice when the outcome is likely to impact your life adversely. If you have never hired an injury attorney in Palmdale, you may not know what to expect. In this post, we highlighted the red flags you should watch out for when comparing the options.

The lawyer doesn’t take your calls

When you call a law firm for an injury lawsuit, you expect an immediate response. If you didn’t get a call or a reply to your email, do not wait for long. A lawyer who doesn’t take potential clients seriously cannot be your first choice. Because matters are often time-sensitive, attorneys should value your needs.

The lawyer charges you for a case review

Most law firms in Palmdale and the rest of Southern California will not ask for a fee to evaluate the claim. If a lawyer wants money just to see whether your claim is worth the fight, you should definitely not hire them. Ensure that you ask about this in advance.

The lawyer wants to inflate the claim

That’s one of the most unethical things that an injury lawyer can do, and more importantly, it could backfire. Just like your legal team will collect evidence to prove the fault of the defendant, the other side will do that too. If the lawyer wants to exaggerate your injuries or the worth of your damages, they are certainly not worth considering.

The lawyer does not want to talk about trials

While injury lawsuits don’t usually need litigation, it is quite a possibility in many situations. It is best to hire a lawyer who wouldn’t mind going to trial, and in that context, you should ask if they have represented clients in similar situations in the past.

The lawyer wants an hourly rate

Injury lawyers charge a fee that’s based on the outcome. While contingency charges may vary between 30% to 40%, there is no hourly rate or retainer costs. If you are being asked to pay for the lawyer’s time, it is certainly a red flag you shouldn’t ignore.

Shortlist a few lawyers before you meet and find the best one.  


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