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Goals and objectives of implementing a CRM system in a company

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Surely, many company owners thought about implementing a CRM system in their enterprise, finally deciding to streamline the client base and bring their business to a new level, as their developers promise in the description of the CRM. However, before embarking on this idea, the leader needs to answer several important questions. The first one is to understand what exactly a CRM system is needed for.

What is CRM for?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – on the one hand, a set of software solutions that automate interaction with customers, on the other, a real business strategy based on a customer-oriented approach. As a result of applying this strategy, the main task of any company is being solved – building a sustainable business. That is, the competitiveness of the enterprise increases, the number of customers increases, and profits grow. All this becomes real due to the built-up business relations, which presuppose an individual approach to each client. This can be called a corporate philosophy that allows you to retain regular customers and attract new ones to long-term cooperation.

Tasks and functions of the CRM system

The second global question concerns the main functions and tasks of the CRM-system, which it is designed to solve in the enterprise.

  • Improving sales efficiency. The client’s card contains full information about all his interactions with the company, starting with a cold call or an incoming request. Systematization of the manager’s work in the process of leading the client through all stages of the sales funnel increases the likelihood of a successful transaction due to b2c marketing automation software.
  • Improving the quality  meet the needs of the customer. For example, based on the data collected in CRM for each client, you can create the most interesting offer for him, not miss the delivery time convenient for the client, and also receive feedback in the form of gratitude or claims.
  • Analytics.  CRM-system makes it possible to carry out analysis in different directions and time intervals. The manager receives several summary reports at once: statistics on sales and transactions, a list of unfinished projects, information on the performance of tasks by employees, feedback from customers. The data obtained will clearly show the general state of affairs in the company for the period of interest, the efficiency of each employee, the quality of service. Based on this information, the manager will be able to predict the level of sales and see the points of growth for the business of the organization.

Implementation of a CRM system in an enterprise

The third important question is how is the implementation of the CRM system in the company. The main stages of this process include:

  • Planning and calculation of profitability. Initially, you intend to solve with the help of CRM implementation. You also need to calculate the budget and develop the terms of reference.
  • Selection of a CRM platform, selection of a contractor. At this stage, it is important to consider and select a CRM system that meets your needs, as well as a qualified contractor who will install the software.
  • Preparation and launch of a CRM system. After installing crm platforms, it is necessary to unload client bases from other programs into the system, integrate with applications and conduct training for the company’s specialists.
  • Collection and analysis of user recommendations. This point is no less important than the previous ones, because in order to solve the tasks set, it is necessary to ensure the effective work of personnel and the optimal functioning of the system. The received recommendations are analyzed and taken into account in further updates of the CRM system.


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