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Fraction and Decimal: Two Key Factors of Basic Mathematics


Numbers are one of those things which are very necessary for every individual to study in their lives. These are one of the key factors to be used in basic and advanced mathematics. Different types of numbers are studied in mathematics like rational, integer, natural, whole numbers, fraction.


This article throws light on fractions and decimals.


First of all, let’s discuss what a fraction is. Listed below are some of the key points to remember while studying fractions.


  • A fraction is the division of two (or more) quantities. For example, one-half means that one is dividing 1 by 2 and getting 0.5. This could also be written as 2/4 or 4/8, depending on what it’s being divided into. The other type of fraction is called an improper fraction; this means that there are parts left over after the division has been performed (like 3/2).


  • Fractions are used in math because they represent division, which is an integral part of many different types of problems. For example, if one has six packages and two people who want to share them evenly between themselves, each package would be divided into three pieces (three for the first person and three for the second). The concept extends even further when one considers that these can also show up in profit/loss ratios or other situations where there’s more than just divide by another whole number.


  • A fraction is a type of number that defines part of an object.


  • When writing fractions, one can use the denominator (bottom number) to help describe what type of fraction it is. The numerator (top number), also known as the term or face value, shows how many parts are being taken out.


  • The number above the line is called a numerator, and the number below it is the denominator.


  • To find the simplest form of a fraction, divide both top and bottom by their greatest common factor. If multiple numbers work, then use whichever one makes for simpler fractions.


  • Fractions are often used in math because they allow one to describe measurements and errors more easily than decimals can and give greater detail on how much of something we have compared to the whole amount.


Let’s discuss decimals now.




  • Decimal is a smaller unit of measure than the whole number, like when one cut up an apple into pieces. For example, one-half is written as 0.50 or ½ (0 points five). One usually sees decimals in science and math classes because they use them for measurements and calculations.


  • Decimals don’t have to be between zero and one, one can also have decimals greater than one too. three quarters would be written as ¾ which is point seven five in decimal values.


  • The application of decimals in everyday life is huge. One needs a decimal value to find out the exact observation value in the laboratory. Decimals are needed in basic mathematics too.


These are some of the basic things to keep in mind while solving Decimals. Now let’s discuss how one can convert decimal to fraction.


Converting decimals to fractions with a remainder:

To convert decimal numbers into fractions where there is a remainder, one needs to divide the decimal by the appropriate power of ten and write down only the whole-number answer after reducing if necessary. If one has any remaining digits in your answer, remember they will be used for further conversion steps, so one needs to keep them intact. This step can also be followed up by converting this fraction or mixed number to an improper fraction using all the same processes as above. With this method, one can easily convert decimal to fraction.



One can always learn about fractions, decimals, and many more super interesting mathematical concepts by using Cuemath. Cuemath is the answer to all difficult mathematics questions. Cuemath website is a great initiative for helping students in clearing doubts and brushing up the weak concepts.



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