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Fantasy Football App for iPhone

On a week by week basis, it’s important that you set your fantasy sports team up to succeed with the best statistical chances of winning and this app will help you make those tough decisions and be the fantasy football champ, whether your playing in your office, or your playing with your friends, it’s time that you end up on top of the leaderboard.

Bug Heroes Review

Bug Heroes, an outstanding new dual-stick castle defense game, was released last night by Foursaken Media and is available from the app store. Featuring multiple upgradeable characters that you can switch to on-the-fly (pun intended), a wide variety of enemy types, terrific controls, and multiple game modes, this is one polished offering that delivers the goods.

Bug Heroes Pros:

– Well-designed blend of genres

– Multiple characters, variety of enemies, upgradeable stats, survival mode, etc.

– Responsive controls

– Addictive with a fun presentation

Bug Heroes Cons:

– Character voicing sounds odd

– Leaderboards or achievements not handled through traditional social gaming network

Bug Heroes contains two game modes: Adventure and Coliseum. Adventure contains four different locations, though only the Kitchen is unlocked from the start. In Adventure mode, you must protect your food stash from hordes of other bugs who want a nibble. You can choose to play as an ant, a beetle, or a spider at any given time. Each has certain advantages and disadvantages, and often one bug type is better against each enemy type. The ant is a bit on the slow side, but he has a gun for ranged attacks. The beetle has armor and a mallet for melee attacks that can wipe out multiple small enemies at once, but he’s a bit slow, too. The spider, our personal favorite, wields swords and moves at a faster clip than his counterparts. Simply tap on your character and select which of the three you want to be at any time. Each bug has his own health stats and upgrade systems. The money that you earn from defeating enemies can be used to purchase new abilities and upgrades.

Enemies arrive in waves as day turns to night and back into day. The enemies will either try to attack you or storm your food supply. To defend against them, you can use your weapons and also build turrets on your stash. There are several turret types that can do some significant damage. If the enemies overcome one of your bugs, you’ll be able to play as the others. Once all of your bugs are killed, or one all of your food stash has been stolen, you die and the adventure is over. To avoid this, you must replenish your food stash, which is also the source of your own health. To boost a character’s health points and keep him out of danger of dying, you must eat portions of your food supply. Food items do appear around the level, which makes it important not just to camp out in front of your stash, but also to explore. You must retrieve these food items and return them to your supply to keep it stocked and keep yourself alive. The stash can only hold so much, but you can purchase more storage room if necessary. You’ll also notice side quests pop up from time to time, which can be accepted or refused. Completion of these quests usually results in earned XP and money, though you can incur a penalty if you fail the mission.

Coliseum removes the castle defense aspects and simply offers an endless mode where you must keep fighting off enemies in one of two locations. This mode is combat-intensive and a bit frenzied at times, but a lot of fun, too. Each game mode has three levels of difficulty, so you can tailor it to your own abilities. The first time you play Adventure or Coliseum, the game runs through a tutorial that teaches you of all the different aspects of gameplay. It is both informative and helpful.

Graphically, the game looks terrific, with crisp and clean imagery, smooth animations, and detailed worlds for you to inhabit. The day-to-night transitions are handled well, and a firefly with a lantern accompanies you throughout the dark night hours to light your way, which we thought was a superb touch. Navigating the upgrade menus is also easy and intuitive. The soundtrack is pretty chill, with music that is both upbeat and soothing at the same time. There is support for playing music from your own library, too, if you feel that you’d like to explore that avenue. Sound effects enhance the gameplay, and the bug’s tinny voice is somewhat cutesy, though it could get annoying after a while. Controls are spot on and responsive. The left stick controls movements, while the right controls aiming/shooting. Tapping on your character or the food stash opens the necessary menus. We were pleasantly surprised with the amount of content and the level of polish that this game provides.    Replay value is terrific, with a global leaderboard and achievement system to compare your abilities with other players around the world. There are tons of side quests to complete, endless survival modes, a plethora of upgrades to be made to your characters and your stash, and more. There are even multiple profiles so that multiple people can use the same device without impacting another player’s game. An insectopedia is available with tons of info on all bugs that you’ve encountered, including what defenses work best against each. We can see ourselves getting sucked in by this game quite easily. For only $1.99, you have no reason not to get sucked into this 5-Dimple stunner, too.


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