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GBBG|Ware Engagement – 11/13/2013

We are pleased to announce the signing of a Software Development Agreement and receipt of initial payment by our eastern European branch. GBBG|Ware has been formally engaged by an undisclosed organization to develop a Bitcoin Gaming product, complete with Internet website, server infrastructure, Bitcoin payment processing, and social features.

The core team for this project shall include a staff mathematician, experts in gaming logic and advanced algorithms, and experts in cryptography and payment processing. Initial development plans call for 90 days core logic development and core infrastructure. Beta testing, refining, and production stages to follow core logic.

Due to the highly competitive nature of the industry within which our client operates, along with a great deal of Intellectual Property to be disclosed to our team for the purposes of this project, our client has asked that details regarding their identity, the exact nature of the project, the name or website of the project, and other important information be kept secret at this time. More information will be made available nearer to the completion and public distribution of the product.

In order that GBBG|Ware may present a certain level of transparency for their parent company GBBG and the membership that shall benefit financially from such projects as this, we have secured permission from the client to make known the bitcoin address where the initial project payment was made upon closing the deal.

GBBG|Ware is a global IT company with multiple proficiencies. Our deep business intelligence, coupled with incredibly efficient project management ensures success. We are smart IT outsourcing. From brainstorming and creativity stage, through project development, to deployment and beyond, we consistently deliver the absolute best solutions. We provide services to companies in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and more.

GBBG|Ware LOVES Bitcoin. We may even be the very first global IT company to establish a dedicated bitcoin development division. If you are considering the development, implementation, growth, or management of a Bitcoin related product, website, or service, we are the team for you.

GBBG Considering the Adoption of Litecoin

As virtual cryptocurrencies become more popular, we at GBBG strive to adopt the most lucrative and stable platforms possible for our members. Our internal leadership has been advised by the managers of the GBBG Bitcoin Fund of two major opinions which could positively affect the future of our organization. First, the managers feel strongly that bitcoin will continue to rise to a valuation above $250 USD by mid-summer of 2013. In addition, they are firmly committed to the belief that Litecoin possesses the same attractive qualities held by Bitcoin.

Our internal leadership will continue to explore the merits of Litecoin as an additional payment platform. We are considering options that will allow members to use Litecoin to make donations, receive rewards, and even receive their monthly earnings after the launch of our services in July. In addition, our fund managers are considering the implementation of a Litecoin fund through which members may collectively invest in the Litecoin economy.

We will keep you notified as decisions are made regarding Litecoin.

Launch of GBBG|Ware

We feel GBBG|Ware can generate solid, growing revenue for the entire organization. Profits generated through the development of web projects, mobile applications, and enterprise systems will be contributed to the bitbillions Matrix and shared with our members. In addition, any member of who refers a client to GBBG|Ware shall receive a commission up to 5% of the entire development budget of the project. This could mean substantial compensation for some members. It is not uncommon for an enterprise-level development project to have a multi-million dollar budget. So, if you know someone wanting to develop a website, mobile application, proprietary software, or enterprise-level system, tell them about GBBG|Ware. It could represent a tremendous income for you!

GBBG|Ware is a wholly owned division of GBBG (bitbillions). One very unique aspect of this new division of our company is the focus on Bitcoin development. We have assembled teams of experienced software engineers that are poised in anticipation of Bitcoin projects. If you or someone you know has an idea for a Bitcoin product, service, application, or website, we are the go-to team. Decades of experience, combined with a passion for the Bitcoin protocol are waiting to engage Bitcoin projects.


Members have been emailing asking how they can get a referral link to promote our GBBG|Ware website. We will NOT be providing or tracking a referring link for this division of our company. Due to the fact that software development is a professional sales process, we will not be compensating people simply for advertising our website link. Rather, we expect members to be actually involved in the process of bringing clients to GBBG|Ware. If you know of a person or business interested in developing software, especially Bitcoin software, then you should facilitate the connection between them and us. You should make proper introductions by email and help guide the process.

We suggest members contact and speak directly with potential clients about their project. Learn about their needs, vision, and plans for their project. Then, facilitate an introduction with the GBBG|Ware team by initiating emails introducing the potential client to our team.


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