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Dedicated Development Team: Its Specifics and How to Choose It

dedicated development team

When you need development services for a specific application or product, you have several options for how to do this. You can hire developers for a permanent job in your company. But this is a rather long process, associated both with the search for suitable specialists and with significant financial costs. In addition, if you need software development only as a one-time service, hiring for permanent employment will be unprofitable. You can also turn to freelancers, but even here there are some peculiarities. Freelancing is an area that is poorly regulated by law. And turning to freelance specialists, you are not immune from force majeure.

It is a completely different matter to cooperate with an IT outstaffing company, where you can hire a dedicated development team to solve certain problems in software or product development. Let’s look closer at what is a dedicated development team and get some useful tips on how to hire it.

  • The Structure of a Dedicated Development Team

First of all, the dedicated development team is the specialists who will develop a software product for you based on the outstaffing business model. This means that in fact, they work in an agency or company providing IT services but for the duration of the contract with you as a client, they will report and receive tasks just for you. Often, a dedicated development team works remotely. This is convenient both for the client and for the participants themselves. A team is formed based on the needs of the client. In its most general form, its structure will be as follows:

  • A project manager who is responsible for coordinating all tasks and processes carried out in the team.
  • Developers directly. These can be full-stack specialists or pros in a certain interface, front-end developers, and back-end. They are responsible for the functionality and interface of the product.
  • UX/UI designer who is responsible for the user experience and visual design of the product.
  • QA is a specialist who tests a product to identify its weaknesses before release.
    In addition, in large companies, such as RexSoft, business analysts can be added to this list, whose services allow you to calculate the profitability of the product and possible risks. After all, you can form the team to your choice depending on your actual needs.
  • Some Tips On How to Hire a Good Dedicated Development Team

We have put together a couple of useful tips for you regarding hiring a development team to develop the software or application you need.

  • First of all, study the market. Very often, IT companies offer hiring dedicated development teams on very different terms. And not all of them may suit you.
  • Pay attention to the level of salaries. Locals in the US require the highest. If you want to get high-quality services without paying extra-high rates, hire an offshore team of developers, for example, from Ukraine or South America. Their competence is not lower than that of American specialists. But Indian offshore teams do not always provide high-quality development services.
  • Be sure to discuss all the details with the agency with which you decide to cooperate. This applies not only to the specifics of the project or the duration of cooperation. Specify how strictly the company approaches the release dates, whether it is possible to replace the team if necessary. There are chances that the dedicated development team you have chosen will not suit you or will not cope with the task. And it is better if the agency can quickly offer you a replacement.
  • Team portfolio is a very important argument in choosing. If the portfolio already has successful projects of the same type as you need, this is a good option.
  • Feedback about the outstaffing agency or the team itself is your faithful assistant.


What the agency itself will not tell you, you will learn directly from people who have already partnered with them.

Hiring a dedicated development team is a great solution when you need to quickly and accurately bring to life a project to develop an IT product. We hope that our tips will help you build your dream team. 


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