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Common Questions Victims Ask After a Car Accident in LA

Los Angeles car accident lawyer
According to statistics, 42,357 motor vehicle accidents occurred in Los Angeles, CA in 2020. Out...

According to statistics, 42,357 motor vehicle accidents occurred in Los Angeles, CA in 2020. Out of these numbers, there were 220+ fatalities resulting from car accidents. The number of crashes in Los Angeles keeps increasing and has become common. After a car accident, there are too many questions that victims may have in their heads. 

Below, we have answered some of the most common questions the Los Angeles car accident lawyer asked. 

  • How much time do I get to file a car accident claim in California?

In LA, California, you get two years from the accident day to file a car accident claim. Once the statute of limitation is over, you cannot recover any compensation.

  • Can I get compensation if I do not have insurance?

Unfortunately, if you do not have valid insurance, you can only recover economic damages from a car accident. You will not be able eligible to get non-economical compensation, including emotional suffering, loss of companionship, life, etc.

  • Who can I hold responsible for my injuries in a car accident?

Each car accident varies from one to another. Depending on the accident, more than a single party can be held accountable, including:

  • Other drivers on the road. 
  • Vehicle manufactures. 
  • Employers. 
  • Government entities are responsible for safety and maintenance in the city. 

  • How much money can I recover from a car accident claim?

It is difficult to give a fixed amount since one car accident claim differs from the other. Each victim may get different compensation based on the injuries and damages from the accident. However, your attorney can give you a rough estimate of the expected amount based on all the evidence.

  • Which type of damages can you recover from a car accident claim?

After a car accident, you can recover various damages. Economic damages include loss of income, physical injuries, property damage, and more. On the other hand, non-economical damages include loss of consortium, pain, and suffering, disfigurement, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life.

  • Can I file a car accident claim without an attorney?

You are not obligated to have an attorney file a claim as per the law. You can pursue a car accident claim independently. However, if you proceed with your claim with an attorney, they can help collect evidence and ensure you get the deserving compensation. They will also help negotiate with the insurance company to obtain maximum compensation.


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