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Clothes and Tips to Save Money

money saving tip

When the need to save money and ladies clothes are connected this is a very delicate subject. In order to avoid disaster, every available money saving tip is needed.

You need to be ready to pick up a bargain at the right price, so always have a clear picture of the clothes already in your wardrobe and what you really need. Far be it that you buy a fantastic pair of trousers, only to go home to find you have an almost identical pair lurking in the wardrobe.

It has been known!
Girls, this is not the way to save money.

Bearing in mind that most ladies wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time, and 80% of their clothes 20% of the time, you will see the need for focus.

  1. If you are in need of some strong self discipline to help you save money, make a list of the main items already in your wardrobe. Put this list in your wallet. When you are actually confronted, in a shop or on a web site, with an item that you regard as a ‘possible’, you can then refer to your list of clothes and see whether this confirms your thoughts. Remember girls, we are trying to save money!
    2. There are several web sites, that offer designer style labels at reasonable prices. Take a look around to see what is available.
  2. Buying from a catalogue and the Internet has an advantage if you live in the country and find town shopping difficult. 3. Buying from a catalogue and the Internet has an advantage if you live in the country and find town shopping difficult.

However, be prepared for possible disappointment either in the look/feel of the garment and the sizing. Remember there is the bother and cost of returning the goods. Some companies now offer a ‘postage paid returns label’ (check first) so if in doubt order two sizes i.e., a 10 and 12. Try them on and return the unsuitable one.

Another advantage is that if an item is not in stock in the store, i.e., M & S and Next or your size is out of stock, you may find it available on the Internet.

If you find a catalogue that suits you, stick with it. Cancel the rest then the dangers of falling into temptation are lessened.

  1. The whole secret of how to save money is buying what you need as opposed to buying what you fancy. Dreadful, but a levelheaded approach is needed. Just try hard girls! It is difficult but we need to keep focused.
  2. If you have a colour scheme that suits you, your skin type and colouring this should also help focus your mind.

One basic dark or neutral colour as a background will serve to unify your wardrobe allowing you to mix and match, introducing bright, lighter colours to give the required, stunning lift. An Italian lady, who was extremely elegant, based her entire wardrobe on just three colours – black, red and white. Another colour combination is navy blue, green and white.

No more agonising over what to wear – will my bum look big in this – will it match – no more thinking what to wear in the morning when you are usually rushed – will I look OK? Problem over if you have colour co-ordinated wardrobe chosen with care, that you know suits you.

Some girls might think this boring. Just think of the advantage of knowing that whatever you pick to wear from your wardrobe you will know it will match and you will be well dressed without having to think about it. You will save money as well as time and effort. Bliss.

  1. Ladies who live in the country may possibly need to choose different colours, perhaps based on brown, green and buttercup yellow or lilac. Don’t forget to take your skin and hair colouring into consideration. This structured type of dressing will certainly be kind on your credit card and your time.
  2. You will need a few classic items in your wardrobe such as a pair of well cut trousers, a classic white shirt and a jacket that can be worn in the day time as well as the evening. Then you will have a skeleton on which to work. This could be your way to save money. A word of caution – if your hair is grey, avoid the colour white. Combined with the grey hair it can have a dreadful leaching effect on the skin.
  3. Also remember, the latest high fashion object will be out of fashion in a matter of months. Therefore, if you can have these few classic items in the wardrobe you will be immune to fashion fads. Hurrah!!

This tip is probably not as exciting as impulse buying, but it saves a lot of grief where your credit card and bank balance are concerned. No more the dread of opening bank/credit card statements and hiding them away! No more burying clothes at the back of the wardrobe or smuggling them out to the local charity shop to ease your conscience. Freedom.

If you really, really cannot resist impulse buying, limit it to the very rare occasional buy from one of the cheaper chains for the latest up-to-the-minute-soon-to-disappear-again item.

  1. An exception to this impulse rule is when confronted with an item of clothing that you always wear, and is almost a ‘standard’. It often pays to make an intelligent impulse buy here and store it away until needed. WIGIG – when it’s gone, its gone! For instance, in a sale you may well see a ‘standard’ that will do for next winter or summer that can be stored away. Careful – make sure you don’t add to the 80% not being worn.
  2. Beware of Store Cards. The interests rates on these can be as much as a phenomenal 27%. It is wiser not to sign up for one of these cards. Just ignore the ‘fantastic opening offers’ that are there to tempt you. At the time of writing Bhs have just increased the rate on their Store Card to an eye watering 28.2%. This is almost twice the rate of a normal credit card and nearly five times the Bank of England Base Rate. Remember, the stores are offering you these cards for the benefit of their finances – not yours.

M & S have announced that they will no longer accept cheques. So here it is case of cash or your credit card – definitely not an M & S Store card.

If you are really intent on saving money, you would advised to cut up your Store Cards and just using your ordinary credit card. These will at least have a lower rate of interest.

  1. When out shopping, it is sometimes better to spend a little more money in order to save money. No, this is not stupid – just think of the old saying – ‘The bitter taste of poor quality remains long after the sweet taste of a low price is forgotten.” Quality is the watchword. Where clothes are concerned, a quality item is more likely to last longer and will then eventually help you to save money. Difficult, but true.
  2. Don’t forget to take a look at eBay for designer and top label brand clothing. Many items have the swing ticket still attached, but watch out for designer fakes. An Armani silk tie for £1.00 should tell you something.
  3. Best of all think and see how you can beat the system. Look in Charity Shops but think in a different way. Make unusual combinations.

Learn how to develop your own ‘style’. If you wear pretty basic clothes put them together a bit differently (like a vest over a t-shirt or a dress over a pair of jeans) People will say you look smart and think you must have spent a lot of money on your outfit.

Also, a scarf or wooden beads bought in the sales won’t cost a lot but can really ‘lift’ an outfit. Thank you to Kylie from Finland for individual fashion ideas from the Charity Shop.

Just think how you will giggle when a friend compliments you on your fantastic clothes – when only you will know it came from a Charity Shop!
Nice one – and keep quiet about it! Confession time! The author has attended a Board Meeting dressed in charity shop ‘finds’ and was complimented on her smart outfit!

You will see that we will need to exercise quite a lot of willpower here, girls. Keep your objective to save money on clothes well in mind. Go for it!


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