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Things are really looking up since we launched our very first Earning Source this month!...

Things are really looking up since we launched our very first Earning Source this month! The organization is generating positive cash flow every single day. And, this cash flow is growing. If this trend continues, every single member has an opportunity to earn! We are already producing sufficient revenue to fund all profit sharing pools, referral compensation, and operations. We are already producing enough extra revenue to pour some back into software development. This is an amazing feat for a company that is really less than 9 months old.

We decided this week to make a few changes to the bitbillions website. First, we rearranged some of the pages visitors see when they first visit the site. We feel they more appropriately deliver our message in this new order. In addition, we modified the website to reflect the new term “Earning Sources”. We feel this label more appropriately describes the various websites and products GBBG will be delivering over the coming years.

Corporate Identity and Focus

GBBG has decided to pour 100% of its energy into bitcoin related projects for the foreseeable future. We intend to release an official corporate website before November 1st, 2013 that will more appropriately describe the corporation, our leaders, our developers, and our skills. From this corporate website we can offer development, consulting, and other technology related services to outside clients. In addition, we can more appropriately capitalize future products. The bitbillions site will be entirely centered around the membership Matrix and Earnings Centers.

Revolutionary Bitcoin Product on the Horizon

During the past week, potential angel investors, members of the VIP Club, senior leadership, and senior developers have been discussing corporate strategy, capitalization, and product development. We have decided to focus on 1 core revolutionary product for the time being. Due to the skills of our development team, recently discovered access to Angel capital, and and extremely ingenious, 100% unique Bitcoin related product idea, we have an amazing opportunity on the table.

Over the next 3 to 6 months, we will pour every ounce of energy we can into an amazing, REVOLUTIONARY bitcoin product. We are certain this product will forever change the entire global bitcoin economy. This idea is so incredible, we think it may forever solidify GBBG as THE technology leader when it comes to anything Bitcoin. It is an ingenious solution to finally make Bitcoin a mainstream thing.

The product we intend to release over the next 3 to 6 months will completely eliminate all barriers to entry into the Bitcoin world. Any person, anywhere on earth, will be able to acquire bitcoins within minutes, without connecting a bank account, transferring funds, buying bitcoins through an exchange, disclosing their identity or personal information, using a credit card, or even mining them. As a matter of fact, this product is so incredible that any person, anywhere on earth will be able to acquire and spend bitcoins without even having to learn about wallets, public keys, private keys, or anything about bitcoin whatsoever. And best of all, they won’t have to bother with the trouble of securing their bitcoins!

It is our opinion that the 3 greatest barriers to Bitcoin becoming a mainstream payment mechanism is the technical learning curve, barriers to acquiring them, and security. We intend to completely remove all three barriers from the equation with one single product. This will FOREVER change the way people acquire and use bitcoins. This will FOREVER change the Bitcoin economy. This is a truly REVOLUTIONARY idea. And you, the members of GBBG, will profit from it!

Shiny New Servers

Things are getting better and better every day around here. GBBG|Ware has solidified their very first major project. The initial retainer of 22 BTC was received to begin the project. This is just a drop in the bucket for the overall project. You can learn more about this in a recent post regarding this engagement, and on the new blog on the GBBG|Ware website. As a division of GBBG, our software firm has been working to improve the overal GBBG infrastructure.

You may have noticed some changes in server performance over the past 24 hours. GBBG|Ware has been working this week to migrate,,, and to our shiny new servers. And we are very happy.

There were a few small glitches during the move. Most of these pertained to some out dated code and misconfigurations in our original sites. Now that our sites are moved in and unpacked, we really like our new digs. These new servers are fast and very comfortable. In addition, we have transitioned from old Linux/Apache to the ultra high-end Ubuntu/Nginx environment. This means that all GBBG websites are now running on the most modern server infrastructure available on earth. We have the same cool toys as the big boys now.

Thank you for your patience and support during our move.


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