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Reinventing Projectors – 4 Perks of an iFriendly Device – amtran technology

How many times have you tried to use a projector only to be bogged down with inconveniences like a delay to find the right VGA or HDMI cable? Use the wrong one and instead of the vibrant images you’re expecting the projector to broadcast onto the screen, you’ll find yourself staring at a giant black rectangle of nothingness. And worst of all, if you can’t find the right cable you’re stuck with whatever you’re doing being limited to the size of your device’s screen. If that’s a 3.5” iPhone screen or even a 9.7” (diagonal) iPad screen, that’s extremely inconvenient when sharing media with a group.

Few can ignore the great technological strides in the area of broadcasting images from devices other than a laptop or personal computer. Regardless of why you’re using a projector, the more convenient it is, the more likely you are to enjoy using it. And if you have an iPad, your projector troubles could be over because more and more devices are boasting iFriendly features, like a dock that allows projection directly from your Apple mobile device.

Reinventing the Projector

The Epson MegaPlex Portable Digital Dock Projector reinvents how you share presentations, HD films, music, or family vacation photos. Whether you’re in the board room or your living room, your Apple device easily syncs to the projector via the built-in docking system. A pair of 10-watt stereo speakers built into the projector sends a crisp, clear audio throughout the room. Here are some other perks.

    Easy Slideshow Sharing – Using my device as a USB drive, I can send files from iPad to projector in a snap, making it easier than ever to share still images like photos or digital art.

    Superior Audio – My projector for iPad is an Epson MegaPlex Portable Digital Dock Projector, and its speakers offer big stereo sound without the frustration of trying to hook up a complicated surround sound system in my room. Because I don’t need a surround sound system, I’m not limited to using my projector in just one room.

    Vibrant Images – When using projectors for iPad, look for ones that offer high resolution and lumens. A good projector will easily scale up an image from a 10” iPad screen to something closer to 100” wide on the screen or flat-surfaced wall, handing light and dark images or movie scenes with equal brilliance. If you’re familiar with how video conferencing works and your projector’s battery will last a couple of hours, then using an iPad to broadcast a presentation in the board room is as easy as sharing music or HD films with an informal group of friends at home.

    Versatility – Like other iPad projectors, you can plug your laptop or home computer, gaming console, smart phone, and most other digital devices to share content. The built-in docking system eliminates the need for cords. My laptop usually stays on my family’s corner computer desk, but its files are stored on a cloud drive. Because the iPad allows instant access to the files, I can dock my tablet onto the projector and share away.

One Amazon reviewer, a member of the online seller’s invitation-only Vine™ Voice program, had this to say about the Epson MegaPlex Portable Digital Dock Projector for iPad, “Connectivity is the other special feature. I plugged in my iPod Touch and ran a photo slideshow with music. It just worked. There’s a slide-out tray that has an iPod/iPad/iPhone jack. The tray easily holds my wife’s iPad with no strain.”

Once your Apple mobile device, like an iPad or iPhone, is in the docking system, the projector detects and syncs the device, giving you one of four options: Videos, Music, Photos & More, and Settings. The menu system allows you to choose any media or files that you’ve saved on your device – even things in your cloud drive. For instance, when I use my projector for iPad for audio, it even displays the album cover.

Another User-Friendly Feature

One of the features not mentioned on Amazon that I really love about my iPad presentation projector is the coffee-cup icon on the remote control. This is one of the most thoughtful features I’ve ever seen on an iThing accessory. While my projector does just about everything except make me a cup of coffee, pressing the coffee-cup icon causes the projector to pause whatever I’m watching and instead fill the screen (or in my case, living room wall) with a bright white light, illuminating the room so I can easily take a break without stumbling in the dark to find a light switch.

In today’s world of hands-free, wireless technology it’s no great revelation that more and more products are allowing synchronization with Apple mobile devices. I never thought a projector would top the list of most wanted accessories for my iPad, but now that I’ve invested in one, I’m more than pleased with the results.

Logitech Wireless Mouse – 6 Office-Friendly Features – amtran technology

The term “wireless” is synonymous with terms like technology and future. In the business world it translates to one thing – productivity. Wireless is a feature that allows me to use my cellphone and laptop to work outside the office. If I have to be home to sit with a sick child or wait for the washing machine repair person, wireless provides the option of telecommuting.Because most of my files are stored on a cloud drive, any project I work on in the office is also available from my laptop, iPad, or even my smart phone. That’s why I like having one wireless mouse that can go with me anywhere.

Wireless accessories like keyboards and mice offer even more advantages for a productive office. No cords or wires equals no tangled mess. Let’s be honest, life is just simply better when you don’t have 6 different things plugged into your computer at the same time. For people who have a more mobile office, where they may prefer stepping out to do their work instead of sitting in their home office day in day out, wireless is a definitely the way to go. You will have less to wrap and pack of as you shift from location to location. Also, if you are using a desktop at home, but taking your laptop or netbook to work with you on the road, wireless makes everything more portable. All you have to do is grab it and go.

This portability also allows office workers the convenience of storing their keyboard and mouse in a drawer, thus freeing up valuable desk space for when they need to put actual pen to paper.

The place I tend to do most of my work is in my kitchen. However, the architect obviously didn’t plan for someone to use the breakfast bar as a computer desk. My wireless mouse and keyboard make it easy for me to move my work from my office to the kitchen so I can keep an eye on dinner while simultaneously working on job-related tasks. Sometimes I even plug my laptop into my TV so I can do my work on the big screen, but after purchasing a new coffee table I realized my wireless Bluetooth mouse wouldn’t work on it’s glass surface. It was time to look for something new. After some research, I settled on the Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX for PC and Mac. Here are the features that won me over.

    Darkfield Laser Tracking – The precision curser works as well on my glass-topped coffee table as it does on the mouse pad at my desk. I can even use the Logitech wireless mouse in my dinning room atop the antique wooden table which has a thick, lacquered finish.

    Unifying Receiver – With Bluetooth, everything was plug and play which got the job done. But Logitech lets me plug and forget. With the tiny receiver inside this laser wireless mouse, I can add up to six compatible computer accessories without filling up all my USB slots.

    Flexible Recharging System – Have you ever experienced the frustration of the battery in your wireless device dying at the worst moment ever? I was at my family’s computer desk when my old wireless mouse died – in the middle of a webinar. This mouse charges much like a smart phone or other wireless gadget, either through an AC power supply that plugs into a wall outlet, or through a USB cable which allows it to charge through the computer itself. Much more convenient than having to run out to the store for batteries.

    Super-fast Scrolling – Spinning the scroll wheel makes surfing the web more convenient than ever. Eliminate the annoyance of clicking or using the page down key over and over when trying to reach the bottom of a web page. The wheel on the laser wireless mouse also tilts left or right and shifts for more precise scrolling.

    Right-handed Design –The ergonomic design of the Logitech laser mouse allows me to use the mouse for long periods of time without my thumb aching from annoying hand cramps. Because the mouse is more comfortable to hold, I can spend more time working. No more need to constantly interrupt my work with frequent breaks to relieve cramping.

    Thumb Controls – Because the Logitech wireless mouse has thumb controls built into the side, my thumbs are now used for more than just hitting the space bar. Whether switching between apps or moving a stack of cards in solitaire, the precision, comfort, and convenience in the design of the Logitech wireless laser mouse is unmatched.

There are a lot of things I cannot tell you about computers off the top of my head. For instance, if someone asked me how video conferencing works then I could point them to a website for instructions, but I couldn’t explain it from memory. One thing I can tell them is how much I enjoy using my new Logitech mouse, both for professional and personal computer use.

Some of the things to look for when buying a new mouse for your Windows-based or Mac computer are the size of the receiver, precision quality, and how reliable its connection is to your computer. The Logitech wireless mouse features all this and more.


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