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5 Useful Tips to Maximize your Odds at the Casino

Young handsome man playing roulette wins at the casino, gambling chips taken by his hands

Gambling is one of the most lucrative ways to have fun. In addition to the...

Gambling is one of the most lucrative ways to have fun.

In addition to the entertainment it provides, the casino also offers you the possibility to go home with more money in your pockets.

However, being profitable with casino games is a double-edged sword. Most people rely on their luck to win, which is a huge mistake because the house edge restricts you from earning more than the operator.

So, if you’re a passionate gambler that wants to improve your results in the long run, you will enjoy our list of seven actionable tips that can improve your odds against the house. We tested all the recommendations, and we managed to get better results from our casino sessions.

Be aware: Even though the strategies mentioned in this article can maximize your winning odds, they won’t guarantee that you will always be profitable. Remember that the house always wins.

Let’s dive right in:

1.      Avoid drinking alcohol while gambling

Drinking and gambling don’t go too well together, at least for you and your wallet.

If you’ve ever been to a land-based casino before, you’ve probably noticed that they serve free drinks to the players.

You may be thinking: “How sweet of them to offer me free alcohol, am I right?”


Casino employees are specifically trained to serve complimentary alcoholic beverages to the players that seem more likely to lose more money. Casino workers call it “the player reinvestment fund,” and they essentially give you back a part of the lost funds in the form of watered-down alcohol.

Instead of accepting free drinks, consider them as a sign that you’ve been gambling too aggressively. If you feel the need to drink, buy them yourself from the bar. This action will show the operators that you can see through their cheap tactics, and they will let you play in peace.

Recommendation: We understand that having one drink can be a great way to relax after you’ve experienced a loss. However, drinking to excess can result in impaired judgement, which you want to avoid when betting real money in a casino.

2.      Take advantage of bonus codes

In the past decade, online gambling has experienced massive growth in popularity.

Thanks to technological advances,  you can access many casino games straight from your mobile device. Online casinos are considered the future of gambling, and operators are massively investing in developing immersive gambling experiences.

While there are many advantages to gambling online (like versatility and playing from anywhere), one of the most obvious ones is the ability to claim bonus codes.

When you create an account for the first time, the casino operator will offer you a welcome bonus as an incentive for signing up. Depending on what gaming platform you choose, the promotion may contain free spins, match a percentage of your deposit or cashback on your losses.

The possibilities are endless with casino bonuses, but if you want a pleasant experience, it’s essential to know how to filter out the bad ones. That’s because most bonuses come with playthrough requirements like wagering, expiry date or are limited to certain games.

The terms and conditions of a bonus can change overnight. Our suggestion is to leverage the expertise of reviews from an extensive promotion library. These platforms offer you access to in-depth reviews of the bonuses and offer you insightful tips that will help you get a glimpse inside the casino before signing up.

3.      Practice before going for big bets

“Practice makes perfect” should be any gambler’s favourite quote.

When playing casino games, you can’t solely rely on luck (unless you play slots). All gamblers that reach the professional level have something in common – they continually practice and improve their skills even if they don’t wager real money.

If you’re planning to go big with gambling, you need to put in the effort of developing your intuition and game knowledge. You can do that by training on demo versions of the game or wagering lower amounts to test your expertise before going for large bets.

The most outstanding example here is poker. If you want to become the next Daniel Negreanu, we recommend starting with a free poker game like WSOP and learning the game’s ins and outs.

Once you feel confident, you can switch to a real money platform offering micro-stakes (wagers below $1). Ideally, you want to play multiple tables simultaneously to develop your ability to pay attention to more games at once.

After you notice that you’re getting consistent results, you should aim to increase the stakes and start earning serious cash from poker. Failing to get to the appropriate skill level before betting large sums can result in massive losses and frustration.

4.      Know when it’s time to quit

Young handsome man playing roulette wins at the casino, gambling chips taken by his hands

Many amateur gamblers tend to forget the reason why they started playing in the first place.

Casino operators are masters of distraction. Everything they do is aimed towards making the players lose more money. That’s the reason why slots have flashy lights and soundtracks or why luxury casinos offer pole dancing shows on the casino floor.

The secret to increasing your winning odds is to ignore all the distractions that casinos are subliminally inducing in your subconscious.

Not paying attention to these “small” details can make you lose your focus and forget why you’re sitting at the table. Thus, it’s crucial to set a clear goal when gambling. Once you’ve reached it, cash out your winnings and go home with more money in your pocket.

There’s no reason to be mad at the casinos for trying to manipulate you. After all, their business model is to make players lose to the house by distracting them with various incentives and environmental cues that can influence you to spend more than you should.

Pay attention and try to ignore all the messages that the casino is aiming towards you. Aside from not playing, blocking subliminal messages is the only way to beat the house.

5.      Don’t use random “strategies” you find online

In our early gambling days, we would blindly follow “expert” advice found online. That was a crucial mistake that cost us a lot of money and time.

If you’re just getting started with a casino game, searching for a complete guide online is a great way to learn the basics. Once you feel confident in your game knowledge, you will want to practice (see step 3) and show off your new skills in a real scenario.

Most beginners tend to be disappointed by their early interactions with casino games. That’s why they go on Google and search for “best roulette strategy” or similar terms.

The search results will generally display expert websites that claim to have found a “fool-proof” strategy that can bring you endless riches. You will probably think: “Wow! I found a way to make easy money”.

But that’s just a trap set up by so-called experts to convince you to stay longer on their site.

When you test the strategies mentioned in these articles (like the Martingale system or Fibonacci), you will soon realize that they’re not working.

But why?

Well, most strategies found online only work well on paper. The casinos already know about these betting systems so they added a wagering limit restricting you from continuing the progression.

The solution is to only take advice from real experts with a proven track record of gambling success. This way, you will ensure that the information you get is legitimate and was tested in advance.

Pro tip: Finding gambling experts is a rarity nowadays. You can quickly identify them by analyzing their websites and finding social proof that shows that they’re actual experts and not just some random people trying to convince you to buy their product.



The bottom line


Being too confident is a sure-fire way to fall into the gambling trap.

We all crave the exciting feeling of winning a poker tournament or progressive jackpot. Still, you need to understand that gambling is not always glitz and glamour.

If everyone could win, casino operators would quickly go bankrupt. That’s why you need to acknowledge the mathematical advantage that the house edge offers the casino. There’s no real way to beat it every time.

Yes, you can use the five tips above to improve your odds and minimize the risks of getting caught off guard with your bets. Remember that there’s no way to win every time, so don’t try to prove the contrary by making more bets.

Avoid wagering more money than you can afford to lose, and understand that gambling addiction is real and can result in massive financial losses.

Good luck!


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