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3 important aspects of the digital marketing trend

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All businesses depend on each other, and the losses of some companies affect the performance...

All businesses depend on each other, and the losses of some companies affect the performance of others. Businesses are shutting down, purchasing power and receipts are falling in almost all areas.


The question of what to support and what to stop paying for becomes a matter of survival. In a situation of complete uncertainty, one has to think not only about how to survive the crisis, but also about what to do after it. And the catch is that if you plan to stay in business, marketing cannot be “postponed”. Especially internet marketing.


If you plan to stay in business, marketing cannot be “put off”. Especially internet marketing. The fittest will survive. And to be among them, you need to analyze the situation, choose a reasonable strategy and move on. 9 Internet marketing trends for the next year will help you.


Streaming space is growing

It’s not a surprise that the streaming space is growing. Twitch ebcame bigger than its founder could believe. In his latest video, Twitch founder said that he could never believe that the company would grow to a billion $ level. He sold the company a little short under $1 billion. As of now Twitch is valued 10x more than it’s price. The Amazon group did a really big job but making more influencers on the platform. As of now, the algorithm of the platform is very smart. Twitch viewer bot is something that helps the platform’s algorithm to understand which influencers have short-term gains to give them organic boost. It’s a game changer for started streamers on Twitch. 

Data Driven Marketing 

Already 2-3 years ago, money-counting companies approved marketing programs and budgets based solely on the findings of verified analytics. In 2020, small business has also come to the need to constantly keep a finger on the pulse in order to avoid additional expenses and losses. Promotion and sales have shifted to the internet in a couple of spring months, fueling competition for online shoppers. Getting web analytics in real time and quick assessment for decision-making have become more relevant than ever.


In the world, data-driven promotion is built by about 2% of companies. Most often, an obstacle to the effective use of end-to-end analytics is the fear of bringing confidential business data to the cloud service outside of your own CRM, or the usual inability (or unwillingness) to understand the nuances of analytical reports


Marketplaces: to replace offline stores

The decline in offline stores has been reflected in an explosive growth in marketplace sales. Online shopping has become part of the user’s online behavior. We can confidently say that even after the abolition of quarantine measures, many will continue to buy online. Drivers for additional growth in online shopping predicted by data Insight will be relevant until at least 2024.


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